Tuesday, July 13, 2004

100 Things

1) My trademark signature is M+ (or Michael +)… it looks better handwritten
2) I prefer "+" to "X" as a symbol for a cross
3) I was named after the Archangel
4) I believe what the Apostles Creed says, even though I don’t have it memorized
5) I read my Bible for it's literary value, as well as it's theology
6) "Bible Roulette" is a sad way of obtaining advice, or counsel
7) I believe in absolute truth
8) I am divorced
9) I have a decent relationship with my EX
10) I have two kids... one of each
11) My kids are a source of great pride, and joy, to me
12) My kids are a source of great pain, and suffering, to me
13) My kids have my sense of humor... God have mercy
14) JT is my best friend
15) Chinese buffets tremble at our approach
16) 6:00 am is sleeping in for me... I love my job anyways
17) I make my co-workers laugh
18) They think I’m funny... but looks aren’t everything
19) JT says "It’s Michael's job to keep Superman alive."... well, it used to be!
20) I have a knife collection
21) I have a daughter named Aliesha
23) I have a son named Robert
24) He knows that the knife collection applies to his behavior too
25) I love chocolate
26) I disagree with whoever named Better-Than-Sex Cake
27) I have turned down sex for food... and vice versa
28) I do not take unnecessary risks
29) I am DEATHLY allergic to cats... but they all seem to love me
30) I have no fear of death
31) I was dead once... "I got bettah!"
32) That was Sunday, August 18, 1996
33) It happened one week after I started working for Respironics
34) I’ve cheated death on more than one occasion
35) I know why bad things happen to good people... and vice versa
36) I am old enough, and wise enough, to regret some of my youthful indiscretions
37) One thing I learned is that we should always try to live without regrets
38) I learned much from watching my house burn down
39) That was Friday, December 13th, 2002
40) I do not have Triskiadecaphobia
41) "No, fire is good. Fire is our friend." (Young Frankenstein)... I still believe that
42) One of my favorite songs is titled "Burn"
43) I love music... everything but rap
44) I play an Ibanez 5 string bass... and I wish I were better at it
45) I can’t read music... I play by ear, and by notation
46) I love bands that most people have never heard of
47) I love bands that most people have heard of
48) The Beatles are not one of my favorite bands
49) That does not diminish their greatness in my mind
50) I use specific songs to memorialize events in my life
51) I love roses
52) I love thunder and lightning
53) 51 and 52 were instilled in me by my father
54) I was alone with him when he died
55) It was a great, and terrible, honor for me
56) My Pastor said "The first, and last breath, are the most precious in any life."
57) My Pastor is also my friend
58) Sometimes I get lost in my own thoughts
59) It can get pretty scary in there... or it can be pretty lonely
60) I am not a know-it-all
61) I am a know-a-little-bit-of-something-about-it-all
62) Humor helps me to deal with stress
63) Unless I’m already over the edge... Only sex helps at that point
64) I am a lover of words, someday I’ll write a book
65) A fortune cookie told me that
66) I keep all the fortunes from my fortune cookies
67) I have no idea why
68) I have come to discover that "Blonde is a state of mind"
69) I have no sense of style... that’s why I’m no help with clothes shopping
70) Jeans and T-shirts/sweatshirts are good enough for me
71) I do love language
72) Words and language should be used like paint and canvas, film and camera
73) I don’t do chat rooms
74) Communication and conversation should take time and thoughtfulness
75) The things that real relationships are built on always do
76) My poetry doesn’t rhyme... rhyme is a uniquely English phenomenon
77) Political correctness is my mortal enemy, and the antithesis to communication, understanding and tolerance
78) I judge people by the content of their character... and by how that translates into action
79) I admit that I still have some prejudices based upon experiences
80) I like to believe the best of people… unless they prove otherwise
81) Faith should lead to action
82) My faith may be blind... but it is not deaf, mute or lame
83) Getting to Heaven is not the goal of being a Christian
84) Many of my convictions are based upon logic and reason
85) C.S. Lewis has been a major influence on my ideology
86) Every Christian should read Mere Christianity
87) Every American should read The Declaration Of Independence, and The Constitution
88) I am passionate about philosophy
89) I agree with Pascal about the human capacity for greatness, and wretchedness
90) I am the eternal optimist
91) I am not easily offended
92) I love to fly
93) But I am afraid of heights... sometimes
94) I agree with Ronald Reagan on the topic of government
95) My mind is a vast warehouse of useless information... mostly useless
96) I absorb trivia like a sponge
97) There are some movies, and cartoons, that I could watch everyday
98) I can "greet" you in seven languages
99) One of them is Klingon
100) I realize that makes me a geek, but I’m hoping that everything that preceded this statement balances this one out

Now, go read what was left unsaid from this list.

Please note, since circumstances are apt to change in a persons life, this post will need occasional updating. I've tried to keep the focus on things which I believe will never change, but there are some items listed here that are not so permanent.



Blogger Da Goddess said...

Your list is much better than mine was!

4:11 AM  
Blogger LIVE CREATIVE (Alison) said...

Hi Michael! Thanks for posting a comment on my site: Poems I'll Let You See. my main journal blog is LIVE CREATIVE www.live-creative.blogspot.com check it out via my Profile if you want.

Question: how did you get your links for your Quotes for a month at a time? separate blog? or just made a link to the post from that day? or a link to that archive? and each link to your Personal Indulgences.... i'd like to do that to my site too. so various posts can be actual Links.

thanks in advance,

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a killer list!! (pun intended) Most interesting reading, M+. Thanks and blessings... <><

8:23 PM  
Anonymous David Jones said...


I've enjoyed catching up with your blog. I am honored to be mentioned in your 100 things. Your list is most illuminating.


9:06 PM  
Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Very interesting list Michael.
I was just surfing by, hope you don't mind I stopped for a read.
Merry Christmas!

12:04 AM  

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