Sunday, July 18, 2004

... and things left unsaid

These are some facts that have been left out of my list 100 Things… or explanations of things that were said:

1) You’ve probably noticed what my name is
2) I was born in October of ‘65, in Columbus, Ohio
3) My father chose my name
4) Yes, I am a Bible believing Christian. Is there any other kind?
5) I believe in the Bible's inspiration by God. See 2 Timothy 3:16
6) "Bible Roulette" is the practice of asking God to help you by closing your eyes, opening your Bible, and randomly pointing to a verse that you hope will tell you everything you need to know
7) Examples of Absolute Truth: 2+2=4, The speed of light, nobody likes to be lied to (that one covers Absolute Moral Truth)
8) We were together for over 17 years
9) It's much better for the kids that we didn't make ouselves enemies
10) My daughter is my first born, the boy is second
11) My kids may not be the brightest, but they have a good deal of common sense
12) There is no reward like seeing your kids grow up right
13) Sick and twisted, just as it should be...
14) JT and I have known each other for more than 25 years. We can finish each others sentences. I consider him to be my brother
15) We are both over 6’2" tall and over 275 lbs... and capable of putting away massive quantities of food.
16) I start work at 6:45 AM every weekday, that means I wake up by 5:00 AM.
17) I always have something to say, sometimes funny, sometimes just off the wall
18) That’s one of our common replies to a joke made at your own expense... "You’re so funny... but looks aren’t everything"
19) I used to test a life support device called the PLV. It’s the same unit that Christopher Reeves used until he became more capable of breathing on his own
20) Edged weapons are fascinating to me
21) Aliesha is 20 and no longer lives at home
22) Her boyfriends WILL treat her with the utmost respect... or else!
23) Robert is 17, and after 3 years with me decided he wanted to live with his mother - he's regretting that choice
24) He WILL treat his girlfriends with the utmost respect... or else!
25) "Love? Bio-chemically, it’s the same as eating large quantities of chocolate." (The Devils Advocate) I don’t really agree with that, but I know some women who do
26) I’ve had Better-Than-Sex Cake... and it isn’t! Obviously, named by a woman
27) Sometimes you just get a craving that won’t go away... in either case
28) Some risks just don’t make any sense to me, I like to believe that logic dictates my response to those situations
29) I regret being unable to return their affection, but cats were partially responsible for # 31 of 100 Things
30) It’s against my religion to be afraid of death. Besides, we all have to come to grips with our own mortality, I did that several years ago
31) I was gone for over 10 minutes.
32) The doctors didn’t believe that I would live through the night... God thought otherwise
33) I started working at Respironics on August 12, 1996
34) It's much less dramatic than it sounds. So let's just say God REALLY watches out for me
35) Romans 5:1 - 5 and then, Romans 2:11, and 2 Peter 3:9
36) I regret losing my virginity very early, and trying marijuana, as well as some other really stupid stuff
37) Live your life as if each day is your last
38) Always keep duplicate documents somewhere other than your house, keep fresh batteries in the smoke detectors, trust God to bring you through the rough spots
39) It was about 8:30 PM, I was already in bed. When the kids woke me up Heatmiser was doing his number on ABC/Family Channel, The Year Without A Santa Clause
40) Triskadecaphobia: fear of the number 13
41) I still like sitting by a decent fire... as long as it isn’t my house
42) "Burn" is a song from a band named Splintered. I used to be their bass player
43) When I was a newborn, the only space in my parents apartment for my bassinet was right in front of the stereo speaker
44) I love the deeper tones of the B string
45) I wish I could read music... I’d be able to write songs, not just lyrics
46) Most of them are Christian bands from the ‘80s... but some of them are more recent
47) Because good music is good music
48) I never much cared for the themes behind their songs
49) But they were all incredibly talented musicians and lyricists
50) Everybody's life should have a soundtrack
51) Roses are a magnificent display of God's creativity
52) Thunder and lightning are awesome displays of God’s power
53) We used to admire either of the two together, whenever we had the opportunity
54) He passed away around 4:00 PM on June 12th, 2004
55) I held his hand as he breathed his last
56) My Pastor usually knows the right thing to say
57) But he can’t tell a joke to save his life
58) I love using my mind
59) I try to use my powers for good and not evil
60) Though I have been accused of being one
61) I just like having a lot of information about a lot of different subjects
62) I joke around, or laugh, when I’m nervous or upset about something
63) Sex helps with a great many problems that one might face
64) I have a great appreciation for using uncommon words
65) Sometimes fortune cookies can be misleading
66) I also know I'm not the only person who does this
67) Don't we all have such "unexplained" habits?
68) Anybody can have a "Blonde moment"
69) I don't care about who's name is on the label
70) I only wear clothes to cover my body, not as a symbol of prestige or status
71) I am bothered by people who butcher the English language
72) I try to paint pictures with my words whenever the chance arises
73) I’ve never felt comfortable about chat rooms... too many bad stories, and urban legends I guess
74) I prefer to take time to consider my responses to the people who correspond with me
75) I believe it shows a genuine interest in what they have to say
76) Rhyming has always seemed like something you do to get your kids interested in what you’re reading to them
77) Political Correctness is a method of avoiding debate by redefining terms and framing opposing views and convictions as either irrational "phobias" or hatred, but never by presenting legitimate factual information to counter dissent
78) Don’t tell me you believe something if you don’t act like it
79) I’ve had both good and bad experiences with people of different races, creeds, and colors
80) Most people tend to be pretty decent, but sometimes they prove themselves to be otherwise
81) James 2:14 - 26
82) Actually, I have seen more miracles than most people, so I really don’t consider my faith to be blind either
83) Getting OTHER people to Heaven is the goal of being a Christian
84) I see too much evidence of a God to not believe in Him, and just as much to support the claims of Christ
85) C.S. Lewis used logic and reason to defend his positions of faith
86) I have given away 5 copies of this book
87) I think people should have to pass a test on both before they’re allowed to vote
88) Philosophy is exercise for the mind
89) "... Man knows that he is wretched. He therefore is wretched, because he is so; but he is really great because he knows it." Pensees #416. I recommend reading the entire collection
90) It doesn’t pay to be negative
91) In the end, I’m not the One to whom you will have to apologize...
92) There's nothing like looking out the window of a jet and seeing the scenery below you
93) I'm afraid of the kinds of heights that will only hurt me if I fall. I don't mind the kinds of heights that will kill me - I just don't want to get hurt...
94) "Government is not the solution, it is the problem." - Ronald Reagan... God rest his soul
95) I have an insatiable thirst for information, though not necessarily knowledge
96) Most of what I have in my head consists of quotes from movies, cartoons, TV and literature
97) I’m not even going to begin to name them here... look for another posting later
98) German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Hawaiian (yeah that‘s kinda cheating), and of course Klingon. By "greet" I mean I can either say hello/good-bye or thank you/you're welcome
99) Yeah, I’m a "Trekkie" (kinda). But learning a bit of Klingon really helped me to appreciate English even more
100) Yeah, I’m a geek, but I’m a nice guy. And if that doesn’t work for you... I’m a 6’2", 275 lb. geek that has edged weapons, knowledge of human anatomy, and no fear of death... still wanna call me a geek?

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Blogger LIVE CREATIVE (Alison) said...

You wrote:
"4) Yes, I am a Bible believing Christian. Is there any other kind?"

-- that's classic. i totally agree. LOL. and to think there are are so many out there calling themselves christian and think that the bible is nonsense.
right on, dude.

3:07 AM  

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