Friday, August 27, 2004

Seraphs fallen

Seraphs fallen
and fire came with them
scorching Earth
and the souls of men

Man is fallen
Creation came with him
piercing Heaven
and the heart of God

Jesus’… fallen
glory came with Him
shattering Hell
and the power of Seraphs fallen




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read about the seraph a thousand times,
All of them woven in lies
But Today I read and fell in love
With this seraph lament and what you wrote.
I'm writing a book with this in mind
A truthful look at the Serap-kind.
So wish me luck and pop in Xanga
My name is Miciani, I like your manner.

(I dont know how to link, but I'm in the writers blogring - "Write what you Feel" )

2:25 AM  

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