Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

No ranting today. All I want to say is this:

If you know a Veteran, give him or her a hug today and tell them "Thank You" for serving. It is well that we remember those who did not come home. But we should not allow those who did return to go unnoticed. Whether they served in times of peace or war, they served with the same honor as those whom we remember today.
God bless 'em all!


Saturday, May 28, 2005

Quote for 5/28/05

"One can live in the shadow of an idea without grasping it."
Elizabeth Bowen


Friday, May 27, 2005

A new rant

Heard about this story yesterday and wanted to look it up for myself before I ranted about it.

Hey, Amnesty International... Go to Hell!

Until you communist bastards come up with a scathing denouncement of the treatment of Christians in China, and the Middle East, shut the F*** up!
The US military treats our prisoners far better than any other army on Earth. We feed them "culturally appropriate meals". We provide them with religious writings and paraphernalia (something that our government is somehow not permitted to do for our own citizens... especially Christians) for their worship. But let's not think about how a Christian, or even just an American, would be treated by them.
Where were your bold proclamations when Muslim extremists were hacking the heads off of their prisoners? Yeah... that's what I thought. As long as they're Americans they must've deserved it, right? Or how about bringing the worlds attention to the fact that slavery still exists in parts of Africa and the Middle East? I guess since there's no way of pointing the finger at the US, these atrocities hold no weight with you. And what about Cuba? It's a freaking island, yet people find themselves being imprisoned for asking why they can't get any fish.
Your agenda is clear. You care nothing for human rights, unless those humans fit into your prefered mold.
So, my question to you, Amnesty: When can we send the detainees to your offices? I'm sure you have a much more effective method for dealing with them. Perhaps you can take care of their needs, while attempting to gather intelligence. And all without infringing on their rights. Do you expect them to show the same concern for yours? Good luck. But don't ask the US to help since you obviously don't think we're capable of handling the task.

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Unrequited Love: Suggestions for coping

I guess that’s what everybody’s looking for when they hit my blog for 0 seconds after their Google search leads them here. So that’s what I’m going to offer in this post.
First, you may wish to check the post that you’ve been ignoring. I didn’t list any suggestions for coping in that one. But you may still get something out of it. You never really know, now. Do you?
Next, you may want to write down how you feel. If you’d prefer, type it out on your computer. Maybe even post it on your own blog. But either way, writing things out has a tendency to get those things out of ones system.
Then, once you’ve written (printed) them all out, burn them. Leave those feelings in the ashes, and move on. And don’t think that I’m being cruel here, or that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen my fair share of hurt, and letting go is the best way of dealing with it.
Now, that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to struggle through occasional bouts with it. Nothing goes away that easy. In fact, I’m going through some difficulties right now, and yes, I’m having a hard time with "just letting go". But , I’ve found that, if you’re willing to let something go, chances are whatever it is, will stay gone. Unless of course the wound is reopened by someone, then you have to go through the process again.

Another possibility, try prayer. Does that sound lame to you? All the more reason to try. Because prayer is probably the last thing you’d think of doing, and probably the best thing for you. Why? Because prayer takes our focus off of ourselves, and our wants and needs, and it brings us to focus on something that is greater than our petty annoyances.
If you’ve already tried prayer, keep praying. Expect God to do something. But understand. We should be content to know that He loves us, and has saved us from our sins, regardless of whether or not He ever does anything else on our behalf. We have no promises in life, and relief from unrequited love is just another one of those issues that comes without guarantee of resolution.

Now... Allow me to indulge my dark sense of humor with some alternative suggestions.

Food: Take as much money as you need to find the biggest, best, buffet and have at it! Do this often enough and you’ll soon have an excuse for why nobody loves you. In fact, you’ll look in the mirror and start thinking about not seeing yourself anymore.

Alcohol: If I had a penny for every person who ever tried to drink their woes away, I’d own the world! And the really great part about this is that you may end up with a bad (good?) enough case of "beer goggles", that you might actually find someone to take the place of the one you yearn for... At least for the evening.

Drugs: Sorta the same deal as alcohol, only this is not a legal method of coping with a problem. Which kinda makes a new set of problems. And the problems that come with drugs will take your mind right off of anyone you may be pining for. But if anyone asks... You didn’t hear this from me!

Prostitution: No, don’t become a prostitute, just hire one occasionally when you get really down and need a quick pick me up. Also not legal, except in a Nevada. However, this can get pricey, but it sure beats masturbation! Unless of course you’re a loner. In which case, you probably already prefer playing with yourself over playing with others. And this might go a long way to explaining why your love has gone unrequited.

O.K., I’m done now. If you’re one of my regulars, I suspect you’ve had a good laugh. If you’re new here, I hope you got something out of the serious part, and a good chuckle out of the alternative section. Besides, laughter can also be a good way of dealing with such issues.


Quote for 5/27/05

"Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them."
Dion Boucicault


Thursday, May 26, 2005

4 day weekend!

Officially begins...


... NOW!



Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You have GOT to be kidding me!

Heard about this story earlier today and I have a few questions for the Judge and the parents involved.

1) How in the hell does this violate any kind of separation of church and state?
It's not like there's a disclaimer declaring Creationism as a fact.

2) Can anybody show me where the Constitution expressly requires a separation of church and state?
I have a copy of the Constitution, and it doesn't say anything about keeping the two separate. I don't see how this could possibly be construed as a law "respecting the establishment..." of a religion.

3) When did evolution become a fact?
Last time I checked, there was still no conclusive evidence that evolution was anything more than a theory.

4) Being that evolution is a system of belief, why don't we ban it from schools as well?
That is the classic definition of "religion". It's a system of belief. So, since evolution is just another system of belief why isn't it banned from the schools under the same premise?

This is why I'm so pissed at the Republicans right now. They aren't doing anything to correct the errors of these self-righteous, self-important, self-proclaimed 'protectors' of our society. Again, last time I checked, the majority of Americans believed in a god of some sort. But for some odd reason, the minority of atheists seem to have all of the power in our courts. How did we let this happen people?
These judges need to be removed from the benches that they sit on. And they need to be replaced with strict constructionist judges who won't go looking for some unseen law that our founding fathers never envisioned. This is judicial tyranny. The judges have basically told the people "You don't know how to govern yourself, so we'll do it for you.". And they've told our legislators "We'll tell you what kind of laws you can or can't write.".
I am not a violent man, but I'd say it's almost time to hit the reset button on the Constitution. That would be the 2nd Amendment. If our legislators don't act on behalf of the people, then we may have to act on our own behalf. Because this is getting out of hand.
Where are The Boondock Saints when you need 'em?

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Political Rant:

In case you weren't already aware, I am a Republican. Not a die-hard, loyalist to the party, but I do believe that the platform of the Republican Party is better suited to my convictions as a Christian. As such, I have certain expectations of the leadership of the elected officials of the party. Unfortunately they aren't living up to those expectations as of late. And why am I telling all of you this?
Well... I'm sitting here with a survey from the RNC and they've asked me for my opinions on the issues. Actually, they're asking me if I support President Bush's agenda and that of the Republican Party. To be completely honest, how the hell can I support an agenda that they aren't supporting themselves?
I'm sick and tired of all of the lip-service that my elected officials have been giving to the agenda - which I do wholeheartedly support - while failing to act upon that agenda. I'm sick of the leadership of the Republican majority failing to stand up to the minority party. And I'm sick of the Republican leaders caving in to the pressure of a handful of socialist extremists in the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media.
This being the case, I've decided that now I will only give lip-service to the party. Instead of sending the occasional donation, I'll merely fill out the survey and send it with a note proclaiming my disdain for their weak-willed pandering to the minority Democrats. Though I doubt they'll pay much attention to the note, they will notice the absence of the cash-flow. And I hope it wakes somebody up.
It is time for the Republicans to take control in the same manner the Democrats used to... before the American public voted them out of power. Rule with and iron fist! And if the minority party doesn't like it... Tough! The liberals in the legislature, and in the media, will never like the Republicans. So they might as well just do what they were elected to do.
It is clear from the results of the election that the majority of Americans agree with what the Republicans say they're in favor. It's time for the leadership to show the public that they mean business. It's time for them to stop playing games and do the work of the people. whether the Democrats like it or not.

That is all. Thank you.

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Vote for Pedro

I just finished watching Napoleon Dynamite. MY GOD! This is one of the most bizarre movies I've ever seen, and absolutely hillarious.
I had been warned by JT and Becca that it was strange, but it was strange in a good way. It makes absolutely no sense, and still you can't help laughing at it. The characters are quirky and played out so lame, yet so easy to relate to.
If you haven't seen this movie yet, go get it. You won't be disappointed.

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Tag! ... I'm it!

Amie posted this and tagged me to do it next. So, here's my list:

If I could be a chef: I'd be fatter than I already am.
If I could be a singer: I'd always sing of God's glory.
If I could be a professor: I'd do Mary Ann.
If I could be a movie reviewer: I'd want to see a comedy win the Oscar for Best Picture.
If I could be a lawyer: I'd work toward the destruction of the ACLU!

Don't worry, I'm not gonna tag anybody else. But if you feel like taking this and running with it... feel free!

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Monday, May 23, 2005

A new level of geekdom!

It isn't bad enough that we have a multitude of Star Wars geeks that try to equate nearly every aspect of life into how things are reflected in or demonstrated by the Star Wars philosophy. Now we have this. A psychoanalytical perspective on Darth Vader. Please... can we be any more geeky than this?
And I thought I was a geek because of my Klingon fixation, but this takes the cake.

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Quote for 5/21/05

"Rock is dead!
... Long live paper and scissors!"
Seen today on a T-shirt at Kennywood.


The Weekend in Review

A brief review of how this weekend has been going for the Cross family.

Took a half day vacation time so I could take Aliesha to the dentist's. She had to have her impacted wisdom teeth removed. Ouch!
Cost me nearly $450 in co-pays, deductibles and prescriptions. Ouch!
She gets drugs to help her with the pain. I don't!
Moe had to go fill out all of the necessary paperwork for the job he starts on Monday. He'll be working as a security guard at The Pittsburgh Zoo.
Bobby brought home a friend, Shane, to spend the night. Saturday, being the Gateway school picnic to Kennywood, they're riding together. The evening was filled with video games, movies and the laughter of insane 14 year old boys wrestling with me, Moe and each other.

Aliesha's face not nearly as swollen as it was on Friday. And that's a good thing! Kennywood picnic! Bobby and Shane ran off almost immediately upon entering the park. Moe and I spent most of the day walking around the park, not riding as much as we probably should have. But we still got our money's worth, and plenty of exercise to burn off all the junk food we ate. Did a couple of coasters, a couple of water rides and of course our favorite foods - Potato Patch Fries with cheddar and bacon! Spent a good part of the day soaking wet from the Raging Rapids, then it rained! Then the sun came back out and all was well in the world. Stayed til 10:00. Shane left with his brother, Bobby was invited to spend the night at another friend's house. So that's where the Boy is. Moe and I came home, and I decided to post a bit before calling it a night.

Laundry day, and general clean up around the house. Other than that, I doubt I'll post anything. Unless something significant should happen. That's why I'm posting this in advance.

Hope your weekend was a good one.

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Additional info and observations

A few more tidbits from today's activities, conveniently broken down into their own categories.

Hey! Fatso!:
That would be me and Moe. For the first time in my life, I was dangerously close to not being able to get a couple of the safety bars to fit over my fat gut. Glad we're on a diet around here. Next time we go to Kennywood, this should not be an issue.

I am soooooooooo old:
I'm not so old that I can't remember what it's like to be a teenager. But for some odd reason, I don't recall teenage girls dressing quite so slutty when I was a teenager. And the guys really need to find clothes that fit, too. As I looked at some of the outfits on display, I couldn't help but wonder if their parents were aware of how these kids were dressed. For some of the girls, their low-ride hip-huggers were so low that they were less than an inch from showing us "crack". Then, of course, the guys in their baggy pants and oversized sports attire. Get a freaking belt! And I saw plenty of adults around some of these kids, too. These are the questions that I have for all of those involved.
Girls: Don't you have a real top to wear over that sports bra?
Guys: How the hell do you walk with your pants wrapped around your thighs?
Parents: What are you thinking, letting your kids dress like that?
And one more thing... Just because your 7 year old (I'm guessing) doesn't have breasts, that doesn't mean her nipples should be showing. Get the little girl a top that fits this year, not the one from 2 summers ago. Aren't you paying any attention to your own kid?

Some of the things that are on T-shirts today really have no place in a civil society. I believe in freedom of speech, and I'll defend your right to speak your mind. But you'd better be damned well ready to defend your positions when you confront me with your idiotic diatribes. So, when Moe pointed out to me some kid wearing a T-shirt that says "Kill cops" on the front, and continues on the back with "Because cops kill", along with some unsupported rant about the government not telling the public the truth about police brutality, killings and even rape, we want to know what your sources are. But I know better than to confront some teenager about his unsupported views by asking him to present his sources of data and back his statements with a logical discourse. To him, it's just a T-shirt that expresses his "teenage angst". I doubt he has the intellectual wherewithal to even understand what the words are implying about authority in general, or police officers specifically. If you can't support your views you should keep them to yourself. And if you can, be prepared to face some serious scrutiny from those of us who see things differently.

Squish, squish, squish
It really sucks to get your shoes wet while on a water ride. Especially if it's early in the day. All the rest of your clothing will dry out in a couple of hours, but those shoes will be squishing until Monday afternoon.

A few momentary lapses into depravity:
I admit it! There are times when I can be a real pig. Today I had a few such moments. The first one was when we walked past Kiddieland and I pondered out loud to Moe, "I wonder if we might find any MILF's around today?". Then later, we saw a few very attractive, young ladies with these really, bizarre looking lollipops shaped like alien heads. So, I turned to Moe and said "Should I be getting excited about seeing them sucking on big alien heads?". Not only am I soooooooooo old, I'm soooooooooo not right!

I'm trying to read your shirt... Really!:
O.K., Ladies! If your going to wear a top that has some kind of message on it, don't act like I'm staring at your chest when I'm trying to read it. If you don't want me to look at your chest, don't wear a shirt that has something to draw my attention to it. I'm quite capable of finding your chest without the witty sayings.

I'm going to stop now before I get myself into any more trouble.

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Some interesting facts

For me, at least.
So, I'm checking my site-meter to see what kinda traffic I'm getting and where it's coming from. This is some of the more interesting info.

I'm #1 under Google searches for the following...
Out of the ashes quotes (the links to these "Quotes..." change with each hit, so I'm not linking to any of them)
Why does God allow Unrequited love

Also, I've been seeing a lot of hits lately for people looking for the following...
best movie lines (#8)
Mr Obvious (#14)

Unfortunately, few of these visitors stay long enough to read whatever posts they enter at. It would seem to me that if you're going to take the time to hit a blog, because it came up on your search, you might want to actually read what the post has to say. It just might be what you're looking for. But I guess nobody else thinks of it that way.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Thinking out loud

I'm curious if this story will prompt Hooters to start delivering.
This has actually given me an idea for another post, but it'll have to wait until I've gathered all of my thoughts about what I want to say.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Something else that keeps getting better

There's more to add to the fateful tale of Anna Ayala and her finger flavored chili. How much more bizarre can this whole affair become?
Perhaps I shouldn't ask that question. You never really know just how depraved some people can be. And the people involved in this story are prime examples of that sad reality.
I think I'm going to need more ammo before this whole scheme finally comes to it's conclusion.

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"That's bettah!"

Count D'Monet/Harvey Korman (from History Of The World Pt. 1)

Well... It's been two weeks since my last doctors appointment, where I discovered that I have high blood pressure. Yesterday was my follow up appointment, and I have good news. My blood pressure is still a little high, but nowhere near as high as it was. Previously it was 153/100, yesterday it was 132/86 (almost normal). And to top it all off, I lost 8 pounds, too... And I'm not even trying, yet.
Aside from the medication that I've been taking, I merely made a few minor changes to my diet. Increased my water intake, reduced my Mt Dew intake (from 3 cans a day to 3 cans a week), added fruits and veggies in place of certain junk foods (and that's the hardest part for me). And I've started watching my portion sizes a little more closely.
This week I actually increased my level of exercise as well. I've been walking for at least 30 minutes a day (was about 20 minutes before) since Monday. That should really help me to lose the excess. Next up, I get some more weights for my bench, and get serious about toning up and adding muscle mass. But that's still a little ways off.
If things go right, by this time next year, I'll be right where I want to be size and weight-wise. WOOHOO!!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Quote for 5/17/05

"I'm gettin' pretty tired of assholes and idiots around here."
Tom Yeo

Sometimes one of my co-workers will hit the nail on the head. Especially as it pertains to some of my other co-workers.


Friday, May 13, 2005

I've been waiting for this

We have a winner! I think!?!
If you've been following me, as I follow the story about Anna Ayala, and her finger flavored chili, you might be interested to know that they've found out who the finger belonged to.


Triskadecaphobia... Again!

I've decide to use this title, yet again, since the previous post of the same title has been getting so much attention lately - from various search engines. Now, if I could only convince those "0 second" visitors to actually read something here.
Anyways... Friday the 13th has come once again. No misfortune here. Anybody else experiencing any bad luck today? I hope not. But if you are, just remember... such superstitions only hold power over those who give power to them.

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Quote for 5/13/05

"Ponder and deliberate before you make a move."
Sun Wan Tzu


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Quote for 5/12/05

"Is it really "free speech" if you have to pay for it?"
Jim Quinn

On the idea that pastors would be able to vocalize their political views if churches gave up their tax-exempt status. And this, in retrospect to a white, conservative congregation coming under IRS scrutiny for the pastor's remarks from the pulpit. Yet, none of the minority churches, which hosted liberal democrats during the last election cycle, have come under similar investigation.


A Self-Inflicted Bullet Award

So I'm going through my mail and I find these really beautiful, bright and colorful postcards. Before I look at the backs, I see that they're from the Philippines. Immediately I ask myself, "Who do I know that's vacationing in the Philippines?". And, immediately after that thought passed through my head I realized who sent them to me.
Here's my Bullet...

Thanks, Amie. I just got the sunshine & smiles you sent out. They're wonderful.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Why do some people bother?

I have just discovered that it is never too early in the day to have a good debate. Well... maybe not a good debate, but at least a good discussion about how to deal with a preposterous theological notion.
As I was driving in to work this morning, I was listening to a late-nite talk program called AM Coast To Coast (no, I'm not linking to it. It doesn't deserve the attention). I didn't catch much of it, but what I heard left me a bit agitated.
It seemed the that the host, and his two guests, were discussing "new discoveries" about Jesus. DaVinci Code type theories about Him having kids and not actually dying when He was crucified, and so on. And that's fine for these men. If they choose to believe these things in their own lives and wish to write books about them and do the pseudo-christian talk shows, great. That's what freewill is all about.
However, the thing that I found to be most troubling was a caller who offered his own theory. Or, in the callers own words, "Actually, it's my brother's theory. He's going to theology school.". And his theory was this:
Maybe the pharisees and priests didn't really know what Jesus looked like. So, at the last minute, Judas decided that he couldn't go through with it and told Jesus to kiss him on the cheek. That way Judas could take the punishment for Jesus, and Jesus could have lived out the rest of His life with a wife and kids and everything else that comes with living to a ripe old age.
Excuse me for a moment, but I don't know whether I should laugh or vomit over this.
Fortunately, even the host was able to point out that at some point during the trial the pharisees and priests would've recognized Judas, and said, "Hey! Isn't that the guy we just paid to turn in Jesus?".
Now for my own questions:
Why would anyone who doesn't believe what the scriptures teach us about Jesus even want to be in a "theology school"? Don't you people have better places to go for an education? Or is it your intention to bring more strife and controversy into the church? Knowing what we know about Jesus ministry, do we really believe that such a Man would just allow one of His best friends to take His "punishment" for Him? Would a Man with such character flaws be worth the admiration of those other friends who've just witnessed this act? Would we expect them to die the deaths of martyrs after such a display of cowardice? Would you? Do we actually believe that such a Man would also just plain quit His ministry after that?
The bottom line is this; from the very beginning, Satan's favorite attack on God has been to question God's character, His infallibility, and His omnipotence. Without the assurance that God is exactly who the Bible tells us He is, then we can claim ignorance by default. If God is not who the Bible tells us He is, then we really have no way of knowing what He wants or expects of us. And without such assurances, then we are free to live our lives as we please. No matter how wretched or vile our pleasures may be. And that is the only reason that anyone really has to question the scriptures as God's word.
It's a pity that such selfish, faithless people are now in our theological seminaries. And I fear that they will soon be in pulpits, as well. I only pray that God raises up leaders within those congregations to confront such fallacies.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

A sort of homecoming

Today we welcomed back from Iraq, one of our Production Support Engineers, Sgt. Vaughn Millen. He's a reservist who had been stationed west of Bahgdad for the last 18 months. He made his rounds through the facilities to say "Hi" to everyone.
It was great to see him again, and even better that he was all in one piece. And we could tell that he was really happy to be back, too (as if that needed to be said), even if it was work.


Saturday, May 07, 2005

Quote for 5/7/05

"It is mere illusion and pretty sentiment to expect much from mankind if it forgets how to make war."
Friedrich Nietzsche


Quotes From 4/2005

Friday, May 06, 2005

Merry Friday!

And a very, merry Friday it is, indeed. However, I must also say that the title is more a play on words than anything else. Some of you may remember, from a previous post, a co-worker of mine whose name is Merry.
Merry and I have few occasions to engage in conversation. In part, because I'm not always in the PLV area. Also, because of the fact that on those occasions when I am in the PLV area, our work stations are not close enough to be conducive to extended conversations. As such, our discussions are typically not very lengthy. But they do seem to have a depth of their very own at times. Today was one of them.
Merry came to find me in my "corner", where I was calibrating PC boards for our Smart Monitors. She had brought her copy of Evanescence's, Anywhere But Home, CD to ask if I'd care to listen to it. Of course, I said yes. I liked the live show the time that JT and I went to see them, so I figured it'd be a pleasant reminder of the show. And it was.
But even more than this, we actually had a few moments to talk about some stuff. Usually, we begin with music, since we both seem to have a fairly ecclectic taste. And we both have some very fond memories of the Christian music that we grew up with though the 80's. And that gives us even more common ground to stand on. But the conversations always seem to take a turn into more serious matters of faith.
Today, Merry shared with me a very private moment that she had with her mother, just before she passed away. Her mother had become severely disabled by the cancer that eventually took her life. At one point she was reduced to communicating through writing small notes. Shortly thereafter she lost that ability as well, before finally succumbing to her illness. But not before they had the opportunity to "speak" one last time.
Merry has told me on several occasions of the strictness with which her mother and stepfather had attempted to raise her and her siblings. I'd heard of many of my friends being raised under the same strictness, though my parents were nowhere near that level. So, I could relate from my associations, though not from experience.
During Merry's last conversation with her mother, her mother began to apologize for some of her shortcomings. Especially those which had a direct effect on Merry and her siblings. The one which Merry shared with me struck at my heart in a way I could never have imagined.
"I'm sorry for trying to be your Holy Spirit."
There is a profoundness to that statement that many Christians might miss in it's simplicity. But it has been swirling inside of my head, and heart all day.
The work of the Holy Spirit, in the life of the Christian, is to remind us of God's word, lead us into righteousness, and convict us of our sins when we fall - to bring us to repentance. Too often, other Christians try to fulfill that role in the lives of other believers, and even unbelievers, too. But that's not why we're here.
I am torn by what that statement says to me. I know that it's not my place to convict, or to judge others. Yet, I recognize my responsibility to speak the truth in love, and tell others of what my faith teaches. Now, if I could only find that middle ground where I'm not trying to be somebody's Holy Spirit, but remaining faithful to my calling to preach the gospel to all of creation.
I know that it sounds really simple to "Love the sinner, hate the sin.", but when you really care about somebody, that line can get blurred. Still I know that I have to let the people I care about live their own lives. I guess all I can do is hope that whatever it is I've told them makes some impact when it matters most. Then I have to trust God to do His work.

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Something I forgot to mention

It occured to me, today, that I never posted about a somewhat significant event which happened about two weeks ago... I've taken in a 'stray'.
Actually, that's not true. However, I have taken in a friend. His name is Moe, and he's currently unemployed, and the people he had been staying with suddenly decided to move. So, I've given him some space in my downstairs gameroom, in an effort to help him get back on his feet.
I've known Moe for a little over 10 years (maybe closer 15), and we've been through some good, and bad times together. In fact, it was Moe who informed me that Respironics was hiring, back when I was looking for something better. Unfortunately, Moe was 'let go' a few years back, as well as some other stuff all falling on him at once, and he's been struggling through since then. I'm hoping that by giving him a place to stay, and some friendly support, he can get his life back in order.
We have established a time-frame for him, as well. We both have resonable expectations of how soon he can get a new job and begin buying the things he's going to need for a place of his own. All I'm asking for from him is a little help with some of the chores, and occasionally getting groceries. A fair enough trade, if you ask me.
We'll see how things go from here.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Quote for 5/4/05

"No man can lose what he never had."
Izaak Walton


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I guess it could be worse

I don't like going to the doctor's. I only go when I have to, and that, usually because somebody else has recommended it. But I went to the doctor's today because I've been having almost daily headaches for over a month and a half.
I was hoping for something simple like an inner ear infection or maybe a sinus infection complicated by my allergies. No such luck, though. Instead, I find out that I have high blood pressure. Which really sucks because that means I have to take some sort of maintenance drug until I get my blood pressure under control.
But here's the real kicker. Some of you may remember a post from about a month ago in which I expressed a little rage and a desire to lose weight and get myself into shape. And I've actually been making some modest effort to do so. However, I was still under the impression that I hadn't gained much weight since my last doctor's visit (which was last September). Well I was wrong.
While I had noticed that some of my clothes were fitting a bit more snug than they had been, I certainly didn't suspect any major change in my weight. Maybe 5 pounds I thought. Nope, I went from 265 in September to 286 as of today. So now I'm wondering how much more I weighed before I started to lose the weight. Or how much worse my blood pressure might have been.
So now I guess I have to get a little bit more serious about my diet and exercise. Oh, well.


Not much to say

The title says it all. I just wanted to post something so everybody knows that I'm still alive and doing OK. Thanks for all of your support with recent posts of either despair or anger. Which weren't really so desperate or angry, just sorta surface tension.
Later, gang.

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