Sunday, January 29, 2006

This is my car!

There are many like it,
but this one is mine.
My car is my best friend.
It is my life.
I must master it,
as I must master my life.
Without me, my car is useless.
Without my car, I am useless.
I must drive true.
I must drive straighter than my enemy,
who's trying to cut me off.
I must pass him,
before he passes me.
I will!

Some of you may be familiar with this particular "prayer" from Full Metal Jacket...
with a few minor alterations.
By the way, that's my daughter, Aliesha. (in case you hadn't figured that out yet)

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Quote for 1/28/06

"Shut-up, Mike."

Read the next post for the explanation


Causing trouble

These are some snippets of the conversations that led to the above "Quote..."

J2D: Is it time to go home yet?
M+: Has it been 8 hours yet?
J2D: No. When can we go home?
M+: What time will it be 8 hours for you?
J2D: 1:40
M+: Then you can go home at 1:40. Or you could take 4 hours of PTO and go home at 9:30. Or you could take a 2 hour Tardy and go home at 11:40. But if you do that you'll miss out on lunch.
J2D: I could live with that.
M+: But you'll be missing out on the pizza that you missed out on yesterday because you wanted to wait until today...
J2D: Shut-up, Mike.

J2D: Would you like a scutterbotch? (butterscotch)
M+: Oooooo, yes, please.
J2D: I like scutterbotches. There kinda like Tootsie-Pops. I wonder how many licks it takes to get to the center of the scutterbotch.
M+: How will you know when you've gotten to the center?
J2D: Shut-up, Mike.

J2D: Is it time to go home yet?
M+: It is for me.
J2d: Why do you get to go home now?
M+: Because I started earlier than everyone else. You should've started at 4:30 with me.
J2D: Shut-up, Mike.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Jesus just loves me to death

Life is good...
How good is it?
I'm glad you asked!
Let's start with Aliesha. My brother-in-law found a car for her. Only $500, too. Yeah, it's a junker, but it'll get her around. Now all she has to do is get a job so she can keep gas in it and help to cover the jump in my insurance premium.
Which leads to the next bit of good news. I just got my quarterly premium notice and it's less than it was supposed to be, by about $35. No explaination given so I'll call on Monday and make sure it's legit. Then I'll inform my agent that I have to add Aliesha and her car to my policy. Hopefully, the jump won't be too drastic.
Went to pay my water bill and had them change their estimated usage for my account. Now that it's only me and the Boy (and Aliesha on the weekends), I figure this will reduce the amount I pay on the estimated readings and even things out when they take an actual reading. Over the last several months I'd pay the estimated amounts for two months and then get a bill with a negative balance every third month. So I got that straightend out and it will probably save me close to 30 bucks a month.
Also got my PTO (Paid Time Off) payout today. That's a few extra bucks in my pocket for the weekend. And we have a quarterly bonus coming in few weeks, too. WOOHOO!!!

But there is a little bit of not so good news that I have to toss in here, too. I've been looking over my financial data and have concluded that I will probably owe a substantial amount of money in taxes this year. This will be the first time I've ever had this problem. Of course, being that we're no longer a family of 4, but instead are just a Head of Household and a Qualifying Child Tax Credit, it was to be expected.
But this is where the Eternal Optimist in me comes out. Looking at my info, I discovered that I made $5000 more this year than I did last year. And I also made more this year, by myself, than we ever did with mine and Jo's income together.
Likewise, in an effort to reduce the amount of my tax liability, I was able to find receipts for more than what's neccessary to itemize my deductions. Which I never thought I would be able to do. And that's only the stuff that's right in front of my face. I may be able to come up with even more if I take the time to do some real searching. I know it would be well worth my while.
Now, this is the real discovery that I wanted to bring up:
I'm a fairly generous giver.
I'm not saying this to pat myself on the back, because I never would've thought this about myself before, it's just something that I noticed. And my records seem to indicate that it's true. I never really paid attention to what I gave, or to whom. And, while I know that I've been making a genuine, purposeful effort to increase my generosity over the last year and a half, this is the first time that I've actually noticed just how much I give.
I never took the time to look at all of the individual amounts that I give. I see $5 here, $10 there, and so on... But it all adds up. And the even more amazing thing about it all, I always have enough for what I need. Maybe not all that I want, but anytime I have a need, the money is there.
And what does this tell me?
God blesses us when we're willing to bless others. Even when it's only a few drops at a time. He is faithfull to those who trust Him to provide. And I do trust Him to provide for me. And He is willing to bless us for our simplest, smallest acts of obedience.
Also, as I mentioned, I never really considered myself to be very generous. Yet, God seems to think I am, and He seems to have held this opinion of me for some time now. Because, as I sit here typing this, I recall the scriptures (Psalm 112) that the Holy Spirit brought to my mind as I watched my house burning down. And I think that I finally understand what He was trying to tell me that night. God doesn't see us the same way we see ourselves, but rather as He knows us to be on the inside. And that's a good thing!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I was starting to worry...

that we weren't going to get anymore snow this winter. But this is what it looked like outside my front door earlier this evening.

I think this is the first real snowfall we've had this month. And it's January!
For some odd reason it looks like there's a lot more than there really is. But it's only a couple of inches. Maybe it's because the wind is blowing it around so much.
Anyway... I thought it was a good pic.

Must remember to have the Boy bring up the garbage can.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"He says his name is... Rrraaalllph"

- Cheech Marin (from one of the Cheech and Chong movies)

That would be me over the last two days. Less today than yesterday, but still not up to snuff. Bob came home from my mother's on Sunday with the strange inability to keep any food down. Of course, being the good parent that I am, I managed to pick up whatever it was that he had brought home. Thus I'm sitting here at home when I ought to be at work.
Worse part is, I actually felt pretty good when I woke up this morning. Went to work and everything. But as the day went on things got worse, so I left early. Now, I think I'll finish up here and take a nap.
I'm hoping to feel well enought to make it to church tonight. But if not - JT, please let everyone know where I am. And to keep me in their prayers.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Quote for 1/22/06

"Football doesn't build character. It eliminates the weak ones."
Darrell Royal



That's right! That's Pittsburgh Steelers football. It is a matter of domination. And that's what they did to the Denver Broncos today!

Super Bowl Party at my house! Everyone's invited (as usual)!

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

"Oohhh... I've wasted my life."

- Jeff Albertson (aka Comic Book Guy, from The Simpsons)

Let's see...
It's Saturday night.
Both of my kids are spending the night elsewhere.
I'm sitting at home, by myself, blogging.

You can say it. I don't mind. Go ahead and say it...


Yup, that's me! The only things missing from the above scenario are
a) living in my mothers basement
b) watching Star Trek
Fortunately, I have my own basement in which to watch Star Trek.

However, I will say - in my own defense - that I have a perfectly good excuse for tonight.
Being the weekend between paychecks means that my funds are somewhat limited. Having "somewhat limited" funds means that the only thing one can do is hang out in a seedy little dive bar where drinks are cheap and the clientel are... also seedy and cheap. And I'm really not a bar kinda person. But that's another story.
Besides, the kids came up with their plans real suddenly. So I really didn't have time to plan anything worthwhile for myself. Or contact anyone who might care to join me for something affordable to entertain ourselves with.

OK... so what's my excuse any other time that I stay at home when the kids aren't here for the weekend?

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Quote for 1/21/06

"Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Thursday, January 19, 2006

I never would've guessed

I was listening to the news this morning and I heard about a new audio tape that Osama Bin Laden has released to Al Jazeera. In the tape the Arch-Terrorist specifically wishes to inform the American public that:

1) Bush has made many mistakes in his pursuit of this war.

2) Just because we haven't been attacked here since 9/11/01 doesn't mean we're any safer.

3) We should withdraw our troops from Iraq immediately.


... I didn't know Osama was a registered Democrat!

I wonder if Hillary will ask him to be her running mate in '08?

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Quote for 1/16/06

"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest."


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Oh, ye of little faith

Pittsburgh Steelers: 21
Indianapolis Colts: 18

'nuff said!

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

There's something not quite right about this

Found this news story, and just had to comment.
I don't care how "well-intentioned" the project may have been, there is no possible, sane reason for having a bunch of 9th graders doing research on internet porn! Even if the project is supposed to point out the harmful effects!
Most of you are already aware of my views on pornography. Mostly because of the discussion that my son, Bob, and I had (which I posted about a few months ago). And this article merely confirms my convictions that things are getting out of control.
But I find something else to be even more disturbing. This project seems to have overstepped the boundaries which ought to exist between what a school is supposed to be "teaching" and what aspects the parents are responsible for.
Another example of this overstepping of boundaries has been another discussion between myself and Bob. It has to do with a physical examination that the school nurse was supposed to conduct. I told him to refuse. What business do public schools have to give the students a physical examination? It's not up to the school to give our children a check-up. It's the parents responsibility. I will take care of it, and if there is anything that the school district needs to be aware of, I will share that information with them. Otherwise, my son's medical information is none of the school district's business.
By the same token, why do our schools now have psychologists on staff as "counselors"? I can understand why there are Guidance Counselors. Kids need a little direction when it comes to their courses and how those courses will effect there college and career choices. But if my kid has "issues" that require the attention of a mental health professional, I can handle that on my own. Again... it is not the school district's responsibility to attend to these matters on my behalf. It's my job, as a parent to take care of my child's well being. And, again, if there is anything that the school district needs to be aware of, I will share that information with them... and nothing else.
Now, in light of all of the trouble that seems to take place in our schools, I have to wonder if this well-intentioned, overreaching of our schools isn't responsible for the problems which they claim they're trying to avert, or solve. When I was in school we didn't have the school nurse giving us a physical exam. And we sure as Hell didn't have any "counselors" to try to help us cope with our "issues". We had our parents, friends, church, or countless other pieces of a support structure to help us cope with things when it got too crazy. And we grew up just fine. And none of us ever went on a shooting spree.
Something is seriously wrong with our schools. We all know it, but nothing's being done about it. I watched the 20/20 presentation of Stupid in America, and I found it to be very enlightening. Our kids aren't being taught to think critically for themselves, the best teachers aren't recognized or rewarded, the worst ones are protected by their union, and parents have no choice in the matter. And isn't it strange how the greatest supporters of the government monopolized schools, and who vehemently oppose vouchers, are usually the same people who consider themselves to be "pro-choice" (but that's another topic).
Saying that there is something not quite right about all of this is an understatement. And I do realize that it's not all the fault of our schools. Parents need to be more involved in all of this too. And many of them have abdicated their responsiblity because they've been led to believe that the schools will take care of whatever they might miss. But this is wrong, too.
It's time for parents to become more involved and more vocal about our role in shaping our kid's educations. And it's time for parents to become more vocal about our right to choose. And maybe, just maybe, if enough of us are loud enough, somebody will pay attention to us for once - instead of bowing down to the teachers unions.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Quote for 1/13/06

"A man content to go to heaven alone will never go to heaven."

This sort of re-inforces a similar sentiment that I express as # 83 of 100 Things ... and things left unsaid.


You're right!

Holly, I believe it is a full moon. I suspect that all the lunatics will be out in full force. Good thing I'm staying home tonight.
Anonymous, it is a ganglion cyst. We already tried the book thing. We're moving on to the hammer next. If that doesn't work I suppose we'll end up back in the ER for a broken wrist.


Before I forget

Just a reminder...
Today is Friday the 13th. If you are prone to such superstition, then please be careful today.
If you are like myself, and do not suffer from Triskadecaphobia, then you too be careful today. But that, only because it's the sensible thing to do. Besides, I enjoy your little visits here.

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A brief rest

Took today off. Mostly because there isn't much for me to do at work at the moment. But also because with the new year comes a whole new supply of vacation and PTO (Paid Time Off) days. So I opted for a vacation day to get some stuff taken care of. One of which is taking Bob to the hospital to get his wrist checked out. He has this odd looking lump that almost looks like a bone is about to pop out. I'm hoping it's nothing serious. I'll keep everyone informed.


Doing my part

You have got to check out this Public Service Announcememt. I laughed so hard I hurt myself.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The latest

When last I shared about my situation with the pending divorce, etc... the Eventually-To-Be-EX-Wife had moved in with her boyfriend and seemed to be getting her life in some sort of order. At the time, she seemed to be doing OK. But the kids, and a few other family members, all had a bit more insight into the whole situation than I did. So here's the latest on what's been going on since then.
After having spent Thanksgiving weekend with Jo, and the boyfriend, my son had some interesting observations about the man that Jo has connected with. And about their relationship. The first of which was "He's unstable."
Yes. It would seem that Jo's boyfriend is bi-polar. Mentally unstable, as it were. But he's not violent, instead his disorder causes him to be quite lethargic. So, having left me because she didn't think I did enough around the house, she hooked up with a guy who spends the majority of his time sleeping on the couch.
Then there was the part about him being unemployed. He works some kind of construction job that he has to travel alot for when he's working. but it leaves him out of work during the winter months. Which may not be a bad thing since he seems to need a lot of time to sleep. But not having the work means he doesn't have the money to buy the medication that stablizes his bi-polar disorder (thus the lethargic lounging).
Having observed these things, the Boy pondered out loud "I don't get it. Why would mom get together with this guy? Yeah, you don't do much around the house, but you work at least 9 hours a day."
Geeeee, thanks!
"You know what I mean."
Yes. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm not a handy individual - but I do plenty of other chores around the house that need my attention. And I'm good at them!
But I digress...
Bob didn't think things were going to work out between them because of the whole sleeping on the couch all the time thing.
The next person to weigh in was my brother-in-law, Mike (my red-neck mechanic). He told me about a phone call with the Eventually-To-Be-EX and how she expressed a desire to go to the bar after work for a few drinks, but she couldn't because "Bobby doesn't like it when I go out without him.". Mike said "I guess, knowing that the two of them met while she was still married means he doesn't quite trust her to go out by herself."
Go figure.
Mike also mentioned how close Bobby's family lives to him. And that they know everything about his business. And that always means trouble. Or, at least, a serious lack of privacy. So, Mike didn't think that it would be long before Jo got tired of things.
Can you guess where this is going?
About two weeks before Christmas Jo and Bobby had a fight. It was never made clear as to whether or not Jo left him, of if he kicked her out. But either way, she ended up moving in with her sister, Lori. Who just happens to be married to...
He wasn't too happy about this, but he takes everything in stride. Aliesha was actually more upset about it than he was. Because Aliesha (who was already staying with Mike and Lori) and Jo have had issues with one another for a few years now. "I screamed and cried." she told me.
As a result of all of this, Jo had to quit her job. Well... not that she had to. But because of where Mike and Lori live, and where her job is, she determined that she couldn't make the 1 1/2 hour drive to work everyday. Or maybe she decided that she didn't trust the car to make the trip everyday. Or maybe it was the amount of gas that she would have to put into the car to drive it that much everyday. Or perhaps it was a combination of all of those factors.
There were issues with Bobby about Jo's furniture and some other stuff that she had to get out of his place. And she still hadn't gotten everything out of the trailer she had been renting before that. And of couse she still owes the owner of that trailer several months worth of rent that she never really could afford. And I'm sure that there are some utilities that she's not talking about, too.
And then, over New Years Eve, the registration on the car (her car, which is still my car, until we sign it over to her next week) expired - with the inspection as well. So, now she doesn't really have a car. Or at least not one that she can drive legally. But I went ahead and took care of the registration for her. She has to worry about the inspections herself...
I guess it's a good thing that Mike is a mechanic.
And yet, amid all of this, Jo has managed to continue to market herself. When I stopped in to pick up Aliesha last weekend, I caught a glimpse of a message on Jo's IM. It was from some guy named Jack. Something about a banana and torture. I was tempted to reply with a witty, if not backhanded remark. But I refrained.
On the ride home Aliesha informed me that Jo must be getting desperate or stupid because she had been in a chat room for 30 - 40 year olds talking to some kid with the screen name lilpunk2007. And she didn't realize that it was some 16 year old kid trying to score with an older woman. Then Aliesha asked the kid straight up what High School he goes to, and he told her. So much for that romance.
Subsequently, Lori has informed me that Jo has finally admitted that she's "F---ed up her life."
Just her life?
Not that it changes anything between us. Not for either of us. But it does give me a strange, perhaps sadistic, sense of satisfaction to know that she's made a mess of her life while mine is getting on track. And not that she's made a mess of things, but that she knows it.
I'm still living paycheck-to-paycheck. And I still don't have any furniture upstairs (nothing but the dining room and the TV). And I still need to get a lot of work done around the house. But, for the most part, I'm out of debt. I'm staying current on the bills. And it won't be too long before I can afford to get new furniture. And then start getting some of the work done on the house. Then who knows...
Before too long, I might actually be dating again.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Quote for 1/9/06

"Humor is just another defense against the universe."
Mel Brooks


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Week 1

Well, it's been a week since I began my endeavor to live healthier. And I'm doing OK. I drink a lot of water, and have drastically reduced the amount of "pop" ("soda" to some of you) that I drink. And what I do drink now, is diet.
I've been eating more fruit and vegetables, but I haven't really changed my portion sizes on other stuff yet. I'm eating less "junk", but I don't suspect that I'll ever completely eliminate it from my diet. I just like having my munchies while I'm watching football, or movies, too much.
I will also say, since I started I've noticed that I'm sleeping better. I would guess it was the caffine that was making me so restless. That, and occasionally, I would snack shortly before bed (which I've always known to be a bad idea) and that would leave me feeling a bit uncomfortable during the night. And I'm not waking up with headaches. Which bodes well for my High Blood Pressure.
I haven't lost any weight yet, but I'm not really trying to. I want to get used to the idea of eating better before I tackle the issue of portion size. Then, when I've gotten used to the change, I'll start to focus on exercize.
I'm not about to take any shortcuts with this. I want whatever changes I make in my life to be permanent. So that means taking it slow and steady and planning for the long term. And that's what I'm doing.


The ring is still off (yeah, it's a crappy pic). It's still sitting on the computer desk, but that's only because I'm not quite ready to sell it, yet. Eventually it will pay for a really nice steak dinner - which I will invite you all to join me for - when things are looking a bit more final between the Eventually-To-Be-EX-Wife, and myself. But that may be a long way off. Somebody, please remind me later to post about why it's looking that way. You might get a chuckle out of the story... I know I did.

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I didn't want to

It's the only pic I have of myself that I don't mind people seeing. So I went ahead and changed my profie pic, even though I originally said that I wasn't going to use this one.
Oh, well... whattcha gonna do?


Dinner and leftovers

We were in the mood for seafood last night. So I was wondering:
Who else out there likes...

... fried calamari? (Yummmmmmmmmmy)
We also had pollock fillets and shrimp. But they're not as photo-worthy as raw squid and the fried tentacles. And plenty left over for a snack later on today.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Quote for 1/5/06

"That was definitely worth the price of admission."

J2D managed to hot-glue her fingers to one of the circuit boards today. This was my response to watching her as she attempted to extricate herself from the predicament.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

God as a parking space

My father stopped attending church because of this premise. Not that he believed God to be an actual parking space. But because he saw the small miracles of everyday life as a manifestation of God working on his behalf. He posed this premise to the pastor at the church we attended. And when the pastor scoffed (more or less) at the idea, my father decided that he didn't want to attend a church that wouldn't give God credit for those small, everyday miracles. My father never believed in luck (perhaps that's where I get it).
What reminded me of this bit of information? The fact that I had one of those small, everyday miracles touch me very profoundly yesterday. Allow me to share.
In my last post I mentioned some of the mishaps that led up to my New Years Eve celebration. Among those mishaps was Aliesha getting a flat tire and discovering that two of the lug nuts were stripped. I also mentioned that my brother-in-law successfully removed the lugs and got me up an running again. What I failed to mention was that in the process of getting the stripped lugs off he ruined the rim. So, all I had was the donut-spare which was on the car.
Now, Mike (my brother-in-law) told me that he had another rim for my car but it was at his work and I could pick it up on Monday. He also told me that there was a tire shop across the bridge from his work that sells used tires and I could probably get one for under $20. I was fine with this. But I made sure to set aside $60, just in case they didn't have any used tires - and I would have to go with a new one.
On Monday I went to get the rim, which Mike had waiting for me. But the tire shop was still closed for the holiday. So the tire was going to have to wait another day. Again, I was fine with this. Even though I hate driving on the donut (it always feels like I'm driving downhill)
Tuesday, after work, I headed to the tire shop to get a tire only to have the owner tell me that the rim I had wouldn't work on my car. He explained to me that the particular rim that I had would scrape against my brake calipers and eventually ruin the rim, the tire, and the brakes.
I was about to leave as I told the owner that I'd have to wait on the tire until I could find a rim that would work. He told me to wait while he checked to see if he had one that would work. A few moments passed and I was beginning to think he wouldn't have anything. Then he came back out and showed me the rim - it was identical to the other rims on my car.
Of course, I was concerned about the price, because I know what new rims sell for. He told me $20.
OK... how much for the tire?
Anything else I might need?
Yeah. The new lug nuts that you have on the donut aren't the right size for the depth of the rim.
Replace them all. That way I know they can't be stripped the next time I get a flat. How much for all 5?
Grand total, after tax 40.93. A savings of $19.07! And I have four matching rims instead of three matching rims and one odd-man-out.
To me, this is one of those small, everyday miracles that my father believed to be a manifestation of God. To me this is one of those small, everyday miracles that stand to confirm my conviction that Jesus really loves me.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

Bringing the New Year in with a Bang


It is most unfortunate that I did not get to post my typical "Party at my house! Everyone reading this is welcome!" invitation to New Years Eve on Friday. For some odd reason, Blogger wasn't letting me post early in the morning (before I went to work) and nothing went right after that.
My plans for Vincents fell through with my co-workers. My bank closed early because of the holiday. Aliesha borrowed the car and ended up with a flat tire and two stripped lug nuts. And I still had to work on Saturday. And having to take care of the car with it's flat tire and stripped lugs threatened to nullify any plans I had for New Years Eve as well.
But my brother-in-law, who is my mechanic, has proven himself to be something of a miracle worker at times. He managed to torch the lugs and the studs, and find me a new rim to replace the now ruined one. And I was on my merry way in time to begin the festivities.
It was another DVD fest with me and JT. The Boy was also with us, so he was a part of it, too. We had wings, taquitos, a shrimp ring, nachos, munchies of various kinds and, of course, hot dogs & lil smokies (couldn't find any kielbasa at the time we went shopping) in sauerkraut for after midnight. We also had pop ("soda" to some of you), several wines to choose from and a bottle of champagne which we had forgotten about last year.
For the life of me, I can't remember what movie we watched first (Help me out JT!)
I chose I Robot for our second flick of the night, only to pass out from exhaustion within the first 10 minutes. When it was over we turned on ABC to watch the ball drop at Times Square. We opened our champagne and shared a toast. Then we moved on to our next DVD; Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Bob decided to hit the sack about halfway through this one. Afterwards, JT and I put on Animal House to wrap up the night. Thus the inspiration for my "Quote..." (which I'll get into more in my next post).
In the morning we had leftovers and watched The Way of the Gun until it was time for the Steelers to play. JT's sister picked him up to take him to their mothers for a little get together. And Bob and I enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon. A much needed quiet afternoon for me after the previous 48 hours.
I hope that all of you had an enjoyable New Years.

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Be it hereby resolved

I posted my quote on New Years Day as a part of my New Years resolution. Especially the "fat" part.
I remained sober on New Years Eve because I'm not prone to getting drunk, even though I probably could've used it after the previous day and a half. And while I've done more than my fair share of stupid things, my own stupidity is not something that I commonly fall prey to. But I am fat. And I'm not afraid to admit that.
My resolution for this year is to become healthy, in body, mind and spirit. It is my intention this year to do the following:
I will read my Bible more often.
I will spend more time in prayer each day.
I will lose 70 pounds.
I will replace 25 of those pounds with healthy muscle mass.
And I have also resolved to stop wearing my wedding ring. I have come to realize that whatever I was attempting to do by continuing to wear it was merely symbolic. I will do better to take it off and move forward. If I wish to continue to honor the vows I made before God then I will do so by just not dating until the divorce is final. Besides, there isn't much of a market for middle-aged fat guys. So I'd better not be one when I do start dating.


Quotes from 2005

Quotes from 12/2005

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Quote for 1/1/06

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life."
Dean Wormer (from Animal House)

This seems to be a part of my New Years Resolution. I'll share more later.


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