Sunday, September 30, 2007

Making the same mistakes

Some of you may remember me posting about officiating the service at my church several months ago, and the lack of preparedness with which I was dealing.
I'm doing it again today.
I have a sermon in mind. Something I've been dealing with in my own life lately. And I have the worship songs picked out. But I have no idea if I have a lead instrument to play those songs. Again...
As I've mentioned before, I play bass, and bass is not a lead instrument. It's great for the background, which is where I typically like to stay, but if it's the only instrument you have things are not going to go well.
My only hope is that someone who plays a guitar will actually show up this week. The girl who used to play has a new job and hasn't been able to schedule a Sunday off for over a month. And last week, when JD was there, we had a visitor - who could've played - that came with one of our members. But JD is our official church Worship Director, and besides, he used to play with Bo Diddley and James Brown.
So, I'm trusting God to provide a guitarist for me today. And if He does, it will go great with my sermon.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Quote for 9/28/07

"Live so that your friends can defend you but never have to."
Arnold H. Glasgow


Can't catch me

Wish I had more time, but I'm pressed. I just got home from work, and we have another Lock-In at church tonight. So all I have time for is this quick post and the Quote... I shared above.
Hope everyone is doing well. I'm just running like a maniac. And I have to go into work for a few hours tomorrow, too.
I'm gonna need a vacation very soon...

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quote for 9/26/07

"If you let yourself be consumed by bitterness, anger and rage, you'll find that it'll take you further than you want to go, and it'll keep you longer than you want to stay."

Part of last night's sermon. I thought it was an amazing sentiment.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Renaissance Festival !!!

For some odd reason, Bob didn't look particularly enthusiastic about going to the Renaissance Festival when we got to JT's.

Of course, everybody's mood brightened when we arrived. We could see the entrance from where we parked. "OK, everybody remember, we parked in the Itchy Lot."

"And a good day to thee also, fair Lady"

Alright, we're going in.

Welcome to the Ren Fest

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A quick look around

Just a variety of pics from all around the festival grounds. The first two are from the entrance.

This shot is from the Queen's Pantry & Pub, right next to the Crown Stage.

And these two shots are from the lower grove.

There's a lot to see here.

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Who was there

As a courtesy, introductions are in order. Just in case there are any new readers visiting.
Bob, of course, whom you've already met.

JT, who was kind enough to take a picture of me...

So that everyone would know that I was really there.

And finally, Becca and her boyfriend Pete. I'm sure you can tell which is which.

I have to admit, JT and I weren't really sure that Pete existed because Becca never lets her boyfriends meet us.
I wonder why that is? We all got along just fine.

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Performers and shows

Some of the entertainers that we watched during our time at the fest.
The Washing Well Wenches. JT and I got to be a part of the audience participation of thier show. It was great.

Puke & Snot. I don't know which one is which. They're a comedy team. They put on a decent show.

Foolery, and improv duo. Enjoyed this show immensely.

Cast in Bronze. An absolutely incredible performance on a very unique instrument.

The Carillon. 37 bronze bells weighing 4 tons. Such an amazing sound as it echoed through the grove. You'll just have go online for this. I wish I could play audio samples for you.

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Artisans and craftworks

Leather work.

Leather mugs?


and wands, for the aspiring wizard

I just liked this one a lot.

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More artisans and craftworks

Bronze work.

I love these roses. They're much more intricate, and expensive, than the ones I bought the last time I was here. But I still picked up one of the small ones in the center.

Garlands for the ladies.

And the glassblowing demonstration.

This, too, is an incredible display.

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Characters and roaming players

A Cavalier

Scottish Piper. I felt bad for this kid having to stand out in the sun for as long as he did.

Assorted ladies in waiting to the royal court.

Scallywags. I'm particularly fond of the cute one in the middle. I wonder if she'd be willing to put out...
to sea with me? I'd be on board for that mateys. Aarrrrr!

The King and Queen themselves.

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Additional characters

Faeries. JT has posted a brief video clip of this faerie dancing to the sounds of Cast in Bronze.

This one seemed kinda camera shy. I tried to get her picture a couple of times, but each time she just kinda turned or moved into a bad angle. So I settled for this profile shot.

A knight and his lady.

I couldn't resist getting my picture taken with these players. Especially the guy who was playing the Carillon.

Eventually, the priest decided he should take confession from these saucy wenches. He required them both to be on their knees. I didn't stay to see what followed.

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Reasons to be there

For us guys, it's the maidens fair and wenches all around.
So sweet and lovely, this young creature. Can you say "jail bait"?

Gives new meaning to the phrase "tryin' to score some tail".

And being pleasantly surprised that we just happened to be heading in the same direction that she was leading.

Oh, that's right. The turkey drumsticks that I always talk about.

And where else can grown men play with a variety of weapons, and not get thrown into jail for it?

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Speaking of ...

Just so you know, I did not allow this opportunity to pass me by. I am probably the only person in the world who can throw knives and get the handle stuck in the target...
Nobody ever thinks to get pics of me having any fun.

Of course, Bob had to try the archery range. he's actually pretty good now. It took him two or three shots to hit his mark, but after that he never missed the target.

JT and Becca decided to give it a try as well.

I have to say, I was quite impressed with how well trained this deer was to just stand there and take all these arrow hits all day and not just run off...

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The Tournament

Let the jousting begin.
The Royal Procession enters the arena.

The King and Queen greet their subjects.

Sir William announces the match.

Sir Aiden, Champion for the King

Sir Rodderic, the villain. And that's who we were cheering for.
Of course we did? He's wearing Black-n-Gold for cryin out loud...
(go Steelers !!!)

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