Thursday, March 20, 2008

No greater joy

If you look below, you'll see a picture of the young lady that I'm sponsoring through Compassion.

Her name is Cheriter. She's an orphan in Kenya who lives with her aunt and 3 other children. Her profile doesn't say if they're her siblings or cousins. But that doesn't matter anyway. It's still a lot of people for her aunt to take care of as a part-time laborer.
As you can see from the note at the bottom of the photo, Cheriter lives in a community that is affected by AIDS. I don't know if that's how her parents died, or if it was one of the countless, other diseases that plague such areas. I don't know if that means that she herself has been exposed/infected, or if there's just a large (perhaps growing) number of people who are infected in the area where she lives. All I do know is that my heart breaks to know about her situation. And that's why I'm doing this.
I encourage any of you who are reading this, if you're not already sponsoring a child somewhere, through some organization, please, prayerfully consider contacting Compassion about doing so. To know that my meager donation can help this young girl grow up strong, healthy and educated for a better life, brings me more joy than you can imagine. And I would love for you to share that experience with me.

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