Monday, March 10, 2008

Our mission

Allow me to start this post by tracking things back to Saturday night.
JT and I decided to get together to do another episode of Geek-n-Tell, only to remember that none of the recording equipment was available since it was set-up for our Mission Ministry Fair. But that's OK, because JT has just posted our previously recorded Episode 4 where we talk about Battlestar; Galactica. So yinz can go listen to that now.
Anyways, we still watched Blade Runner, and had our wonderful dinner of Seafood Nachos...

The only thing we didn't do was record our discussion afterwards. So we might have to re-do this one.
But what does all of this have to do with our Mission Ministry Fair?
Well, considering that our podcasting is actually a part of our church's outreach, it counts as a means by which we bring people into fellowship with us and our congregation. Eventually, as we get more people to join in on our viewing and recording sessions, it'll become a bigger fellowship. And that's all that really matters, strengthening relationships, and that's what we're doing.
This was our Mission Ministry Fair.

We had a lot of groups represented here. And, as I've mentioned before, we're just a small congregation. But we have a big heart.
One thing I do want to point out is the flag you see in the above pic. That's a part of our Mens Group's commitment to the USO. We have several memebers of our congregation who are currently serving in the armed forces. Two of whom are in Iraq. So we want to show our strong support for them.
Below you're going to see pics that represent some of the groups that I'm most impressed with.
First, there's SLY, which stands for Skills for Life for Youth.

It began as our afterschool program, but has since evolved into something more. Now they support a summertime reading program, an after school art program and even karate classes for some of the young teens. Not bad for the shoestring budget that they operate on.
Next up is P.Dave's wife, Ella's, booth. She is a big time supporter of Fair Trade merchandise.

There was a wide variety of items available here, and all done as Fair Trade. I think this is a great way for capitalism to work in the world. Especially since the alternatives aren't doing any good for the communities that produce these things.
Last on my list of other people's things is JT's Media booth.

This one covers our worldwide outreach. It begins with The Revolution Church website. A website that has been consistently growning in popularity. Last year we averaged over 800 visits per month. So far this year, we're averaging nearly 8000. P.Dave's sermons are being downloaded regularly by churches in Saudi Arabia and China. And there are constant inquiries about accessing more of our materials. Praise God!
Then there are the various blogs that are connected, however loosly, to our church. One of which you're reading right now. But I had other responsibilities for the day, and you'll find out about that soon enough
And lest we forget, JT's Indie Christian Podcast which is defying all the conventional wisdom of podcasters and podcasting. From everything that JT has read in various, online, podcasting sources, he should've expected no more than 10 listeners his first month. JT has 30, and that number is growing. He was also told to expect all kinds of hassles from the bands whose material he wanted to play. He has bands searching for him, offering to give him music to use. Even bands that have been signed to major labels, but who are currently not producing new music. He is also in line for being syndicated. It is truly unbelievable.
And, in case you're wondering about my particular Ministry, just read my next post below....

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