Monday, May 26, 2008

Finding memories

In respect to my earlier post today, I spent some time with my mother this afternoon. Actually I went over for dinner. Well, lo and behold, she decided to pull out some of the old family photo albums.
It isn't that I wasn't already aware of this, but mom pulled out some of my dad's old papers, photos and whatnot. As I looked through some of them I realized that I am very much my father's son. I have a writing style very similar to his. And I see the familiy resemblance in our faces. Which is something I never really paid that much attention to before. But it's there, as plain as the nose on my face...

OK, that was lame

But anyways...
It was very cool to look through some of the things that my mother has kept. I kid you not, this woman still has my report cards from first grade. She has memorabilia from multiple generations of both her's and my dad's families. Including a family history that my dad's uncle researched and wrote about their family going back to their immigration to America from Germany in 1779. Very cool.
So it's kinda funny that I should find new memories of my family on Memorial Day.

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

What a cool way to celebrate Memorial Day.
I have an extensive collection of family memorabilia that I'll be passing on to my own kids one day.
(Yes, it includes report cards of my own from elementary school... why? Not sure...)

I could have sworn I commented here last week. The mind, she is a-slippin'

10:50 PM  

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