Monday, May 19, 2008

She is

She is...
Shimmering like satin
smooth as silk
soft as the petals of a rose;
She is...
flowing, liquid fire
seared into my mind
burning in my blood;
She is...
A misty vapor
a wisp of smoke
a vision haunting my dreams;
She is...
Here and gone again
yet ever before my eyes
dancing through my heart;
She is...
A summer breeze
carrying sleep far from me
stirring my emotions


See below, also.

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Blogger Jeff A said...

Excellent, I love poetry. I used to write all the time, although my stuff was gloom and doom!

12:27 AM  
Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

This is absolutely beautiful :-)

2:39 AM  
Blogger M+ said...

I have some doom and gloom stuff too. Some of it is in my sidebar under Poems, etc. I'm sure you'll be able to identify them by their titles.
Thank you. She is...

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Paula said...

He is...
Forever certain of his call.
Broad with depth, thick and tall.
He has a mind of his own changed ONLY by God.
He is driven by love and it seems odd.
Because his stride is certain, of noble pride. His strength unmoving in truth he abides.
Rivers of good flow through him.
Tender mercy and grace.
With authority of THE most high
Written about his face.
With a Holy certainty and Faith
Yet cautious about the race.
His heart cries out for me.
Pleading for my heart.
To join him in his endeavors.
Serving Christ as one, not apart.
He's trustworthy and honorable
Glory is at his core.
When he I are one
In power we will soar.

9:37 AM  

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