Monday, June 16, 2008

Manic Drive

I never heard these guys before, but Manic Drive was good. And I'm not just saying that because they were our neighbors in the vendor's area.

The vocalist worked up the crowd and managed to get everyone moving. No mosh-pit, but there was a lot of bouncing. A few guys started to mosh, but nobody else wanted to get into it, and I was too far away from them...

It was kinda funny how their guitarist played. He was actually doing The Robot as he played during some of the songs. He was good at it, and it looked so unusual for a guitaist who wasn't just running and jumping around. Actually, kinda cool.

I also love the way these guys get dressed up to play. A tux? OK...

I wish I had gotten a pic of the drummer before he took off the red-coat he was wearing in the first pic. I just thought it was a nice touch.

At one point, they slowed things down with their music. As they played they let the music flow and transition into Heart of Worship. It was incredible to see hundreds of teens and young adults with their hands lifted in praise to God, singing along.
Afterwards, the turned up the volume again and ended the show with a few more high energy songs. The crowd loved it, and still came away with a positive message.

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