Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Slam

My day started with a trip to the laundramat. But, since that is a boring detail of life, I will skip the mundane and get right to the meat-n-potatoes of this post.
JT called to talk ask if I wanted to do lunch with him before we met up with P.Dave and his daughter Carissa, to head out to the Summer Slam in Derry, PA. Of course, we also thought it might be a good idea to ask P.Dave to join us as well. So after a few phone calls we all agreed on Mad Mex in the Miracle Mile shopping center, and we also thought it would be a good idea to take only one vehicle from there.
As we were eating lunch the rains began to fall, and that raised some concerns about the festival. But things had settled to a light rainfall by the time we left.
As we headed out P.Dave asked if I knew where we were going. Well, I had looked up directions on Mapquest and it seemd simple enough; Rt. 22 to Rt. 892 then onto Pittsburgh Street. And since the Mapquest directions showed 892 as a main road that was not too far past the trun to get to Keystone State Park, I figured it'd be easy to find...
Well, by the time we got to Johnstown, we all agreed that there was a missing road sign somewhere along the way. of course, with Rt. 22 being in a perpetual state of construction, road signs are often difficult enough to find.

What? Do you think I'm kidding about Rt. 22 being under perpetual construction? OK, let me just say this; for as long as I've been driving, I cannot remember a time when some section of Rt. 22, between Murrysville and Blairsville, wasn't being worked on. I'm sure Wink can confirm that for me, too.

But, anyways...

As we got closer to Keystone we found a little diner and JT went in with the hope of getting directions. Fortunately, he did get directions. Unfortunately, they were all back roads. So, we were a little concerned that we might miss something else and then be really lost. But the directions worked out and we made it to the festival just as it was getting started.
We took a look around at what was there.

Then we headed over to the registration tables to sign in. Afterwards we walked around some more.

I thought this was a really cool thing. It's like a giant garbage bag and they're using it as a waterslide. I wish I had thought to bring a change of clothes. That would've been so nice for as hot as it was.

This is something I would've liked to try, but I'm over the weight limit. But these guys, well, the one in the green is the bassist for Eowyn, and the guy in the white is her drummer. So it was cool to see them out in the crowd having fun with everyone else.

After walking around a bit, JT and I started to use his mini-recorders to get "on-the-spot" interviews with some of the kids around the festival. Most of them were OK with the idea. We also approached the handful of minsitry booths that were there to talk to them about what they do. That was also very cool.
Shortly after that JT and I were told about the Meet & Greet with Eowyn , and we were invited to be a part of that since that was one of the reasons why JT was even there. So we got to meet her.
She is so tiny! And I'm not saying that just because I'm so big.

Well, OK, my bigness does make her look a lot smaller than she may actually be. But after meeting her, and having our pictures taken with her, the running joke between JT and I all day was that she was like an action figure. Either of us could've easily taken her home and put her on a shelf with any of our other collectibles.
So that went well, and she was very nice to everyone. You could tell it was genuine because she gave everybody the option of a serious or a funny pose with her, and even did a few of them for most of the kids that were there. She remembered some of the kids from the last time she was at the Summer Slam, and even mentioned their myspace pages. How cool is that?
After the Meet & Greet JT and I went back outside to find that a few more of our friends had finally arrived. From left to right, Jen, Adrienne (I hope I spelled her name right) and Katie showed up.

I love Adrienne's hair. It looks kinda blue in this shot, but it's really a magnificent shade of purple. I should do that with my hair.
or not...
But this was only the beginning of the day's festivities. Read on my faithful visitors. I'm still posting about the events of the weekend.

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Eowyn looks so cute next to you... laughed at the action figure on the shelf thing.
Glad the weather straightened up for ya.
I rarely travel 22 but am well aware of the perpetual construction deal. 28 is kind of turning into the same.

8:56 AM  
Blogger M+ said...

It was a lot of fun.
I hate 22 !!! At least 28 has a legitimate reason for being under construction. Rock-slides can be a big problem for drivers...

10:36 PM  

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