Sunday, June 01, 2008

Testify !!!

It was a great day at church today. P.Dave is on vacation so I got to give the sermon this morning. Which is really funny since I had forgotten about this and had nothing prepared. But God watches out for me, and had given me some scriptures and a brief message as I was praying prior to the service. Of course, any of you who know me are already aware that I don't really do "sermons", I just start a conversation and let the Holy Spirit lead us where we're supposed to go. And that is exactly what happened.
I began with a passage from Isaiah, chapter 63 (verses 15 - 19). It's a prayer for mercy, and it's a lament about feeling abandoned by God because of the people's sin and stubbornness. And then I moved to Romans, chapter 6, to discuss how we are forgiven and have been given a new life, and purpose. And these are reasons to testify to what God has done in our lives. At which point I began to speak of some of the things God has done for me. But I abbreviated my stories since I've told them so many times, only to have someone ask me to tell the full stories since nobody there had ever really heard them before.
Now, typically, JT is at church, but he's been moving this weekend. So he wasn't there this morning. And JT is the only person who's heard my stories practically every time I've told them - so I don't blame him for griping about it (I know it's all in fun). However, his not being there today made it the perfect opportunity to share my testimonies with a new bunch of listeners.
I began with my I was dead, but "I got bettah..." story, and then was asked to talk about my house burning down. And I pretty much explained how God had managed to save my life twice through those tales. If that doesn't demonstrate God's mercy towards me, and His intentions to have me carry out His purpose for my life, then nothing ever will.
After I finished telling my tales we had a great conversation that jumped around between several topics. We followed up with Communion, and were all enriched and blessed by the service. The conversation then continued between myself and one of my sisters-in-Christ as we headed off to Subway for lunch.
All in all, a truly great Sunday. I am wonderfully blessed to be a part of this small community of believers. And even more blessed to know that God has plans for me that He's willing to do some miraculous stuff to keep me here...

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Blogger Jeff A said...

Sounds good, I wish I could speak to a group without losing my train of thought. Correction, that train goes into a whole new dimension. I cannot stay on topic, but thats the way God made me, I imagine there is a good reason for it, and someday I will find out what it is.

12:32 AM  
Blogger M+ said...

Who said anything about staying on topic? Our coversation bounces around like a Super-Ball on crack. But it does usually come back to where it started.
I suppose your talent would come in handy if you're ever interrogated...

3:25 PM  
Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

I have a new fantasy. Being in the same room with the two of you listening to your conversations. Just listening, mind you...
That, I think, would be a hoot.

9:16 PM  
Blogger M+ said...

Ya know, it isn't like I haven't invited Jeff to visit. I keep suggesting Vincent's and nobody ever wants to take me up on it. I imagine a long conversation over a Vinnie Pie and a pitcher of Rolling Rock would be an incredible experience for all involved.
So, Wink... fantasize often about two guys?
Just kidding!

4:13 PM  

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