Friday, July 04, 2008

Creation 08

Allow me to say a little bit about what the Creation Festival is. Perhaps my earlier descriptions have left one with the impression that Creation is one huge music festival of one Christian band after another. That would not be accurate. Creation is actually something of a total worship experience spread out over the entire weekend. As the motto above the stage says, it's "A tribute to our Creator".
In addition to the music there are many speakers and teachers who encourage Christians in their walk, and try to impart messages that will help us grow in our faith. There are children's ministries, and seminars. And there are vendors and artists of all sorts as well. But all of it is about helping Christians to express their faith and their love for God in powerful, new ways.
Something else that I think is important to mention is the fact that the festival runs almost completely on the power of volunteers. It's the selfless desire of these volunteers that helps to make Creation so amazing. It's that same selfless desire that has so many people returning year after year to volunteer their time, talents and services to this event. And I, for one, am quite thankful for their efforts.
And one last thing. Creation's main sponsor is Compassion International. It is a fantastic relationship that began early on and continues to grow as the years pass. Over the 30 years that Creation has been in existence nearly 30,000 children have been sponsored by attendees of the festival. What a remarkable testimony that is, and one more reason why I'm so glad to be a part of both of these incredible ministries.
As a result of that relationship, the various volunteers from Compassion's advocate network work tirelessly to make sure the festival runs smoothly. To my fellow advocates and our various coordinators, I am deeply indebted to your steadfast commitment to this ongoing relationship. I am proud to have served with all of you. Jason, for your efforts in coordinating the whole event. Randy, who I never once saw stop for more than a minute at any given time through the entire weekend. Wanda, Debbie, Compassion Dave and all the rest, you so rocked my world at this event. I hope to learn so much more from all of you as our paths cross at future events. All I ask is the opportunity to serve.
And now, for the rest of my posts regarding the festival. You're gonna find that I'm not really doing any reviews of any of the bands. I'm just sorta talking about who was playing. And I'm not throwing any pictures into the "daily" posts. I'm saving those for individual posts with mainly only the photos and brief comments. And as a special treat, after some of the mosh pit and random pics at the end, I have 3 brief video clips with no sound, but you'll be able to enjoy them anyways. At least I hope you will.
So, read on my faithful...





PS. My entire tale is going to be retold on JT's Indie Christian Music Podcast on Monday and Tuesday of next week. I'm willing to bet it sounds even better with the interaction between JT and myself. I'll be sure to link to it when JT has it up.

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