Saturday, July 12, 2008

Listen up !!!

OK, I realize it's kinda redundant to ask everyone to relive my Creation 08 experiences once again - since I'm sure you've already taken an hour or so to read through my posts and look at the pictures and videos here at my blog. But JT has our two part review/discussion of mine, and my son Bob's, (mis)adventures at the festival, and our particpation with Compassion International.
You can check them out here;

Episode 23a

Episode 23b

Give yourself about 2 hours for the entire show. Or you could just download the whole show and put it on your mp3 player for later. We had a lot of fun, covered a lot of what happened and discussed with some depth my involvement with Compassion there.

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OpenID compassiondave said...

Hey Michael!

It was a pleasure meeting you--my only regret is that we really didn't have any time to hang together. Next year, Compassion needs to 'work on' getting us an area to hane and fellowship. Anyway, see at the next event, wherever that might be.

4:03 PM  
Blogger M+ said...

I agree. I would've loved to hang out with you and everyone else a little bit more.
I'm signing up for Purple Door. How about you?

9:53 PM  

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