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Well, I'm not one to sleep past the break of daylight, so I was up by 6:30 this morning. Not a great thing, but I've seen worse situations in my life. Of course the light rain that was falling outside of the tent wasn't making it very pleasant, but, again, I've survived worse.
I headed down to the showers and found myself fortunate enough to have hot water. Oh, thank you, Jesus for such a blessing. I returned to our campsite to eat a wonderful breakfast of Pop-Tarts and milk. It would seem that there was no place for us to build a fire to cook our own food with, and I didn't have anything to set our camp stove on - this was kinda short notice for us when you think about it, so we were kinda ill-prepared. As a result, our weekend eating consisted primarily of Pop-Tarts, Fruity Pebbles and milk for breakfast, peanut butter and jelly for lunch and either pepperoni sandwiches or something from the food vendors for dinner. Except today I decided to see what goes on in the mornings at Creation only to discover that one of the food vendors actually had breakfast sandwiches for only $3. Boy were they tasty! And they really hit the spot for both of us.
I roamed about for awhile waiting for things to come to life again. When they finally did I took a walk through the art and vendor tents and pavillion. There were all sorts of ministries and colleges present, as well as artists, crafters, booksellers, T-shirt sellers, jewelers and others. And this guy I like...

I take that back. This guy, I love!
His name is Stephen S Sawyer and he is one very talented artist. You can find his work at Art 4 God. That painting in the background of our picture is amazing. I fell in love with it as soon as my eyes fell on it, and I could feel the way the Spirit was using this man through his artwork. I made sure to stop by his booth everyday because he was such a blessing to me.
And I will also mention that he really loved my artwork, too. Which is why we decided to pose together like we did. His tattoo is actually a temporary tat which is a design that was taken from one of his other paintings. Go to his page and see if you can find out which one. I saw a lot of other people with these temporary tats on their arms throughout the weekend.
Eventually I made my way around to see who was speaking on the main stage but wasn't feeling like staying for a sermon. It was actually another artist named Eric Samuel Timm. Also amazing in his own way. You can see a video of his presentation (not from Creation) on You Tube. It's in 3 parts, and well worth the watch.
That's one of the things that makes Creation a worship experience. Each morning is like a unique church service. The first band wakes everyone up, the next band leads worship, followed by a speaker with a message, then another band before breaking for lunch. It's all very well structured and works very well.
I returned to our campsite to discover that Bob was now out and about. Little did I know that he was watching the presentation on the Main Stage. Of course, I figured he'd catch up to me eventually so I decided to wander over to the Fringe Stage (a smaller stage for the lesser known or more hardcore bands) where I found other amusments to admire.

It was a shame that Bob didn't come with me because I made another great discovery at the Fringe Stage. Unlike the Main Stage, the Fringe Stage allows full-out moshing.
I was in my glory!
The first band up was Children 18:3. Yes, hardcore punk! I loved their energy. They so rocked. And the bassist is pretty hot, too. But you'll see the pics later on.
I spent a little while here enjoying the mosh pit and the music, while roasting in the hot sun. Thank God for this angel of mercy.

She's actually one of the security people for this stage. Her name is Maddie, and she has a twin sister named Jessie on the other side of the stage. They basically function as the eyes of the guys who are standing down in the crowd to keep people from getting out of hand in the mosh pit. They just point to the trouble makers and out they go. Pretty cool arrangement, huh? But they were also kinda like cheerleaders (and though I didn't get to know them all that well, I can tell they'd probably kill me if they knew I used that term about them) for the stage. In the above pic she's using one of several spray bottles to wet down the crowd to keep the moshers from getting overheated. Below you'll see her doing the cheerleader thing while watching for trouble in the pit.

I love the way she has her hair spiked up into a mohawk. It doesn't show too well in this shot, but you kinda see it. Eventually I would have the chance to ask her what she uses to get it to stand up. I may have to try it some time.
Ya know what, I'll admit it, I kinda had a crush on Maddie. The mohawk-rocker chick thing appeals to me. That, and I'm a sucker for a redhead.
But, moving right along...

I didn't stay for the next band because I need to head back to my campsite to get Bob and go to the Main Stage to see Pillar. As I explained the Fringe Stage to him he became truly excited to know that we were going to get to go all-out in the pit later on.
Pillar put on a good show. We both enjoyed it and Bob seemed to like it more than he expected to. I didn't take very many pics of this show since I had so many from the festival I did two weeks earlier. But what was really cool was when I was at the Compassion booth later on, Noah, Pillar's guitarist, walked by the booth and remembered me from that festival - well, he remembered seeing my shoulder. So we got to talk for a few minutes. It's nice to know how down to earth so many of the Christian artists are that they'll walk right up to someone and have a conversation with them without any pretentions about their fame. I really do respect them for that.
I spent the better part of the afternoon at the Compassion booth with Bob and another advocate named David. He was a really nice guy. Bob and I joked around a lot and tried to include David, but as Bob put it "I don't think he gets us." And that's OK because not everybody does. I mean, really! Look at me!
In any event, as the evening drew on we did get to see Family Force 5 from our vantage point at the Compassion booth. It's a strange show, kinda like a theatrical presentation set to techno-punk rock with an almost cartoonish flair. That's the best way to describe it all.
After our shift ended we headed back to our campsite to grab a bite to eat. The Newsboys were the last show of the night, and I was looking forward to seeing them live. However, God does have a great sense of humor. Two songs into their set and things went awry. The MC comes on stage to tell everybody about the approaching thunderstorms and asked everyone to seek shelter until it blew over. He assured everyone that the storm was moving fast and that the show would continue as soon as it had passed.
Sure enough, within 10 minutes the storm was upon us with thunder and lightning and a deluge of rain. 20 minutes later it was all over and the show went on as planned. But Bob and I stayed in our tents.
And finally, the Late Nite Cafe started again, but tonight's entertainment was not so entertaining as the previous night's. So Bob and I actually got to sleep a little early, if you consider 2:00 instead of 2:30-ish early.
The saga continues below...

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