Saturday, July 19, 2008

What a day !!!

It actually began last night. Sometime right before 9:00 PM I got a phone call from the Ex. "What are you doing?" she asked.
"Playing on the computer." I replied, not knowing why it should matter to her.
"Come get your son before I rip his face off." she snapped at me.
I won't get into any of the details, but suffice it to say that they had a big blow-up over something that could've been easily avoided had either of them exercised a little bit of common sense with one another.
So, off I went to pick Bob up. It takes me almost an hour to make the trip out. That means the trip home is plenty of time for us to talk things over and get Bob to calm down. And I have to admit, there were a lot of things that Bob shared with me that make feel pretty good about being a dad. The even better part of it is how he told me that the lessons he picked up while we were at Creation, from the various speakers that he listened to, are still having an impact in his life.
We talked into the early hours of the morning. And while he remained upset with his mother over some of the things that were said, he was willing to not hold onto his anger. We went to sleep for a few hours before having to get up and start the day.
His mother called first thing. I spoke to her briefly about what Bob and I discussed, but I reserved some of our conversation because I didn't want to stir things up. I left it pretty much as a matter of thinking that she "may have over-reacted." and that Bob probably should've "thought more about what he did." That's when I handed the phone to Bob so the two of them could straighten things out for themselves. They did, and before I could take my shower Bob informed me that his mother was coming down to get him today.
So much for us getting to spend some quality time together this week...
Anyway, that was all the prelude to what took place today.
Today was the Relay for Life fundraiser at Norwin High School.

When you sign up to be involved you form a team of people who will particpate. The team is responsible for having at least one of it's members walking around the track, at any given time, for the entire 24 hours that the event lasts.
The Revolution Church had a team signed up to participate. And we also had a booth for our church to place flyers and whatnot at, as well as coming up with some way of trying to raise additional funds for the event. This is our brand new banner as we had it on display at our booth.

Unfortunately, none of the details were hashed out with anyone who was supposed to be involved. So our participation was somewhat lackluster.
The situation was this; P.Dave wanted us to sign up as a church so we could sorta introduce ourselves to the community at the event. So P.Dave formed a team. But P.Dave was previously scheduled to be a part of a Group Workcamp for the last week. So while it was his team, he was in Michigan and unable to make any of the arrangements that were necessary to make things run smoothly. He did, however, ask certain people to make some of the arrangements in his stead, but there was very little effort put into it. There was also some miscommunication involved as well. So, needless to say, those of us who were supposed to be doing something with the booth, really didn't have any idea of what was going on. So we faked it.
We were supposed to have a dunk. But none of the organizers of the event ever got back to us about whether or not we could do that. So that was one idea shot down. As JT and I sat at the booth waiting for P.Dave to return from his Workcamp in Michigan, we tried to come up with some creative alternatives. These were some of the ideas we had;
*We already had water ballons. So we were considering just standing on the edge of the track and coercing the people who were walking to pay us a quarter to either throw, or not throw, the balloons at them. Since it was so hot today we figured there might be a decent market in people wanting to get wet.
*We also considered buying Super Soakers and making the same offer.
Of course, the more we thought about these, the less feasible they seemed. We came to realize that while there might be a substantial number of people who would donate to our coersion, but that's really not the image we want for our church?
We also considered the additional moral ramifications of such manuevers. There were quite a few young ladies and women walking around the track all day, most of whom were wearing their white Relay For Life T-shirts, and we were just not willing to be the church that somehow became responsible for turning the Relay for Life into an impromptu wet T-shirt contest...
So we just kinda gathered at the tent/booth and hung out until P.Dave arrived from Michigan.

Aren't we a lovely bunch? You'll notice that JT is behind everyone. And "everyone", from left to right, would be Lori, Rosio, and Stephan. And then of course, there's me.

Notice anything different?
I think I'll make this my new profile pic, for now. I expect to have my picture taken in front of a Compassion banner in the not too distant future. When I do, I suspect I'll use that one instead. Which is not to say that I'm not proud of my involvement with The Revolution Church, but I really have such a heart for what Compassion does. So I want to give it as much exposure as possible here on my blog for that aspect of my ministry.
In any event, eventually, our dunk tank plans kinda meshed with the water balloons and we basically were selling the balloons so that people could either throw them at one of us, or at themselves. There was a little bit more to this whole scheme than I'm sharing with everyone, and there was a certain aspect of the whole idea that I really didn't feel right about. But neither did I feel like I was in any place to speak up against it either. So I'm just conveniently ignoring it here in my post.
Now, JT and I had arrived at the field sometime around 11:30 AM, and as I mentioned before, it was pretty hot out today. So by the time P.Dave arrived from Michigan - which was around 3:30 PM - JT and I were pretty much wiped out. Not to mention I was getting pretty well sunburnt, even though I had been in the shade for most of the day. Fortunately for us, our Revolution site was only a few minutes away. So, with an errand to run, we ran to the site and enjoyed a brief rest from the heat of the day.
Upon returning we decied that we would stay a little while longer before we departed.
What? How can we depart when the Relay for Life is supposed to be a 24 hour event?
Well, truth be told, JT and I never signed up to participate. We only volunteered our time and services to help get things set-up. Niether of us ever had any intentions of doing laps for this event. Are you kidding? Look at us! We're just as likely to have a stroke or a heart attack in this kind of weather. No thanks! We did our part to help out, and we will return tomorrow to help out in the morning and to take everything back to the church when the event is over. And P.Dave is just fine with that, so you can be too.
So sometime around 5:00 JT and I left so we could enjoy dinner. And where did we go but to our new favorite chinese buffet, the Moon Buffet & Mongolian BBQ w/ Sushi Bar. That's right folks, we were hungry since we hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. And when we were done, we decided that we stil wanted to hang out with each other for awhile. And what else would two geeks like JT and myself do this weekend but go to see...

Awesome! Absolutely incredible movie!
I gotta tell ya, even for as much as we loved Iron Man, The Dark Knight just blew away any other comic book movies that have been made. And I know that there are a lot of people who are looking at this final performance of Heath Ledger and thinking it was a masterpiece, well I agree. But I don't agree for many of the sappy reasons that others might think so. I really think he nailed the Joker in this role. I thought Jack Nicholson did a great job when he played the part, but Ledger's portrayal of the Joker is hideously brilliant. I'm amazed at how well he pulled it off.
You have to go see this movie, and you don't even have to be a fan of comic books, or of Batman in particular. It's a great story and there's more action than you can shake a stick at.
And now I'm sitting here wrapping up the day, sharing all of it with all of you, and getting ready to head off to bed so I can get an early start on tomorrow.

Ya know what else?
God is so good to me. He's surrounded me with such good friends, and good people to share this with. Now that I think about it, as I sit here blogging about my days and experiences, I'm very thankful for those of you who take the time to put up with me. You are all a wonderful blessing to me. Thank you very much for being out there, even those of you who remain anonymous in your occasional visits. I truly hope that you are at least occasionally blessed by what I have to share. I know that at times my posts can be quite lengthy, and yet many of you soldier through them because I have managed to catch some part of your attention with either what I say, or the way in which I say it, or maybe just because it's kinda like an accident - you don't want to look, but you just can't resist. So thank you for taking the time to visit, and I hope enjoy, sharing these experiences with me.
Peace and Blessings to you all!

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