Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Who knows?

OK, tomorrow night JT and I may, or may not be, going to see Eowyn in concert again. The reason why I say "may, or may not" is because she has a show listed for Murrysville on her Myspace page, but there are no details for where it is or how much it costs.

Ya know, you'd think that would be important information to anyone who wants to show up for it, but apparently whoever is putting this show together hasn't quite smoothed out all of the particulars yet. Go figure...

Anyways, JT has been in contact with Eowyn to find out as much as he can from her. He's hoping to get the interview he missed out on at the Summer Slam last month. I am expecting to reprise my role as his assistant/bodyguard/camera-man again. So, if there's a show for us to go to, we already have our plans in place.
If we get the show details soon enough, I'll make sure to post them here, that way everyone will know where were went. And, of course, I'll be sure to get more pics for everyone.

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