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Ren-Fest, Part 2

For those of you who enjoyed last month's post entitled Ren-Fest, Part 1, I present to you Part 2 of this glorious annual event with a photo-journal of todays activities. Since I went by myself today, I don't have too much to share about the goings on. So, I won't waste time on many pointless details. I'll simply share the pics that I took and include brief explainations of who or what they are.
OK, here we go...

The king and his royal court begin the festivities.

On the right is Temujin, the storyteller I spoke of in Ren-Fest, Part 1. On the left is one of the many wandering musicians.

This is Loosey, one of the Naughty Bawdy Babes.

Immediately after posing for this photo she came up to me and gave me a great big kiss on the side of my head. And it left a nice lipstick print there for me. In fact, I'm still wearing...

Und diese are ze German Brothers. Ze greatest comedy-rap duo in all of Deutschland! Ja!

Und ze call me Uberman! Ja, dis vas vhat zey called me last time I vas here. It's good to be remembered, ja? Ja! So sexy diese boys are, ja? Ja!

This is Pearl, one of the Washer Wenches. She also remembered me and gave me a great big hug.

I gotta admit, those giant puppets behind Pearl give me the creeps!

The bag-piper is another one of those wandering musicians, but the rest of the group are Porter and Stout. I have more pics of them later on.

And these two are just visitors to the festival.

One of these years I will actually be able to dress-up for the Ren-Fest. Maybe next year.

And, of course, Cast in Bronze! The Carillon is an amazing instrument.

King Henry and Queen Anne.

Some faeries.

The Washer Wenches show. You remember Pearl, on the right. Her cousin Izzy is on the left.

Audience participation is a must!

His wife loved the show, too...

Sir Rodderick.

Sir William.

Sir Marcus.

The Test of Skills.

I love the way I managed to capture this moment. The first ring is still falling onto Roddericks hand while the second is almost about to be caught.

I'm entering this one into the festival's photo contest!

The Fire-Eater! This guy was awesome! I just missed him doing his firebreathing trick. That's what the little wisp of flame is beside the torch.

Next time I'll take the picture before he exhales.

Maybe this was the reason why the festival was so empty today.

Those clouds looked pretty nasty, in the most beautiful way possible, of course.
Eventually those clouds would put a damper on the festivities. But until then...

The Royal Procession for the second round of the Joust.

Rodderick couldn't compete in this round of mounted combat because his horse was getting too skiddish. She's young and inexperienced, so she wasn't taking to the crowd very well. And she wasn't responding to Rodderick very well either.
So, Sir William and Sir Marcus jousted instead.
They saluted one another.

And it began.

This was the blow that unmounted Sir Marcus.

Afterwards, Marcus and Rodderick engaged in non-lethal combat.

Wooden swords. But Roderick wanted more.

At one point he drew the steel sword from the hay bale and went after Marcus with it. Sir William intervened.

There would be another round of jousting later. This time it would be to the death!

This is the first year that the Jouster's Encampment was open to festival goers.

This is Kola, which is Arcadian for sure-footed.

She's beautiful, isn't she? And she's very friendly, too. Liked having the little kids around her.

And this is Max (with some really hot blond chick).

For some odd reason Max really liked me. As long as I was standing there, he wanted me to pet him. He actually nudged someone out of the way to make a space for me to get closer. And when I patted him he just seemed so contented. Tell me that's not cool, when a horse recognizes your good character?

Next up was Porter and Stout at the Pirate's Pub Stage.

The rain started falling right as Porter and Stout were ending their show.

So, the Naughty Bawdy Babes had to perform in the Pub.
You remember Loosey, in the background, from earlier in this post. Well, this is her sister, Ivy, in the foreground.

And to show you how much rain there was...

This is one of the roaming characters. I'm not sure if he's one of the actors or just another one of us visitors, but he got soaked in a matter of minutes.
I have to say, I love the way the raindrops are reflecting the light from my flash. Very cool effect.

And finally, aside from the turkey drumsticks (which I didn't take any pictures of), there is one thing that I must get when I go to the Ren-Fest - a bronze rose.

Someday, I will have a very special someone to give this to. But until then, it will sit with the others in the centerpiece I have on one of my tables.

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I still have to dry off a bit...
Don't worry, Wink, it didn't put too much of a damper on things. I missed the last round of the joust, and didn't get the opportunity to have my picture taken with the Naughty Bawdy Babes. Otherwise, the day went stunningly well.

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Wow, Michael, this was awesome! Just about felt like I was there. One of these years, I AM going to go.
I have to tell you, when I saw your comment on my blog, I thought "Uh-oh, what's he doing home already?" Then I looked at the clock and thought, maybe you didn't get rained on after all...
At any rate, I'm glad you had a good time, got some fabulous photos and were kind enough to take so much time to share with us!

11:36 PM  
Blogger M+ said...

Yes, you definitely must go sometime! And when you do you should let me know so we can hang out there. For as much interaction as JT and I get from the various actors and performers, you'd have a blast with us!
By the time I had left my comment at your blog the festivities would've been long over. The festival is only open from 10:30 - 6:00. And believe me, that's plenty of time to do and see what you want to do and see, almost...
Always a pleasure to share my (mis)adventures with everybody. That's why I blog. Thank you. Later I'll have to add my pics to my Flickr account, and my myspace page.

7:13 AM  

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