Monday, September 08, 2008

What's my point

OK, so I posted my Quote the other day and promised I'd explain why I find it to be so significant.
It reminds me of something that C.S. Lewis once wrote about carrying our character over into Heaven. I don't remember the exact quote, but the thought struck a chord in me. And lately I've been reading a series of books by John Eldridge that have touched on this idea. But in a rather more intriguing way.
What if our lives are a dress rehearsal for Heaven? What if the things we do, here and now, affect our experiences in Heaven? And what if the gifts and talents that God has given to us to use on Earth will be the same gifts and talents that He wants us to use in the kingdom that is coming? Didn't Jesus speak of this in His parables of the servants and the talents? The servants who used their talents wisely were given more talents to work with, or, in one telling of the story, they were given rule over cities.
What if that is God's intention for all of us, to put gifts and talents at our disposal now so we'll know what to do with them in Heaven?
You know, I've never been one to believe that Heaven is nothing more than an eternal church service, worshipping before the throne of God. But I know that some people do see Heaven that way. Who could blame someone for not being excited about getting to that Heaven? But we are supposed to look forward to Heaven with a great expectation and hope. And worship is so much more than just sitting around (or standing, or standing and kneeling intermittently) while we sing every hymn ever penned by the hand of man or angel. Worship can be anything that you do wholeheratedly for God's glory. So what could be better than to know that our lives are training for our eternity. And all of it qualifies as worship since what we're doing is using the gifts that God has given us to do the things God would have us do on His behalf? How cool is that?
So let me encourage you, that if you have any particular gifts or talents that you fully enjoy using, get used to using them now. Use them as your own act of worship. Then be ready to enjoy them for all of eternity.

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