Friday, October 24, 2008

Spreading God's love even further

OK, I've been going on and on for a long time about the amazing sunrises and cloud formations I get to see at work. I even took a bike ride last week so I could get pictures of what I get to see through my work window each day - not to mention the fall colors I've been blessed to see. I was excited to share those with all of you. But this, you - are - not - going - to - believe...

It was a very simple act of obedience. I was heading to the restroom when I heard the Spirit speak to my heart.

"Look out the window."

So I did.
There was just enough shadow in the corner of the window to leave an area without any reflected glare from the overhead flourescent lights. I could just make out the beginnings of the sunrise through that shadow - and it looked awesome.
So, I did what I had set out to do. Then I stopped by the window for a closer look. I was dumbfounded. The colors were just starting to show in all of their glorious violets and reds, with traces of orange just starting to appear. I had to tell the others - my co-wrokers.
You see, I've been blessed to be working with a few ladies who are also in the habit of watching the sunrises and cloud formations through the windows we share. But from their particular vantage point, the glare from the overhead flourescents were obscuring the view that I had already seen from the one darkened corner of the other window. So they weren't really excited about the sunrise when I first said to look at it. I insisted, very emphatically, that they get up and cover their eyes to see what I had already seen.
They humored me, and were amazed at what they were seeing. And as the moments passed, the sky became bright enough to break through the reflected glare on the inside of the windows. So we continued to watch the sunrise with a deep sense of awe. And we were not alone.
Others around us had noticed us looking out the windows when we first looked through with our hands shielding our eyes. They came to look also. The word spread. More of our co-workers were taking a moment to walk by the windows to see the sunrise. All of them expressing their awe.
It was at this moment that I realized I had my camera with me. It was at my upstairs work-station. I wasn't going to go to get it, but my co-workers were insisting that I should so I could take a few pictures. Nobody wanted to miss this, and we all wanted to have the pics to remember it by. The only problem was that my camera had somehow been turned on earlier. My batteries were dead.
But do not fret, another of my co-workers ahd a camera. She took three pictures, and e-mailed them to many of us. Now I'm going to finally get to share one of my sunrises with all of you;
See ?!?!?

Now you all know what I'm talking about when I mention the sunrises I get to watch.

What was truly incredible about it all was the fact that our supervisor was watching it for a few moments with us. Our co-workers were coming to see it from halfway across the production floor, and everybody was thanking me - yes, me - for sharing it with them. And all I did was tell my closest co-workers to look out the window.
The entire episode took a a little more than a half hour to get through. The colors were changing every few minutes with the wisps of cloud bringing different shades to the forefront and background the whole time. It was magnificant!
After it was all done, and the sky was fading into it's normal hues of blue and gray, I turned to one of my co-workers, with whom I've been having some good spiritual conversations, and told her,
"That is my calling; I encourage people. And everybody who got to see that sunrise has just had their day brightened in a way they could never have imagined."
It was my one simple act of obedience, looking out the window at the right moment in time, to see the rising sun, and more than 40 of my co-workers were blessed by it. And also, all of you, my dear friends.
And that's how the love of God is really spread around, isn't it?

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Blogger Jeff A said...

Awesome sunrise. See you are an encourager whereas I am an arguer. I love to get on websites that atheists frequent and get them into a dialogue about God and the Bible. I don't always win and I don't lose as frequently as I used to. What I gain is a better understanding of my faith and how to defend it. Whenever I mess up and lose I learn from that mistake and try not to make it again.
I only play with the ones who don't get belligerent when you make a point that they can't refute, when the name calling starts I call them out and either they calm down and act civil or I move on to someone who can argue without being petty.
I think God for giving me this desire to learn, without it I would be defenseless in a very cruel world.
Anyway, hi M+.

11:27 PM  
Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Was this yesterday? Because after the fact, a co-worker came up to me and said "You missed a really good sunrise." I chewed him out for not coming to get me and he said I looked busy. I told him not to let it happen again, I'm never too busy to watch a sunrise.

11:18 AM  
Blogger M+ said...

It was an awesome sunrise. You should've seen it.
I used to be an arguer. I just got tired of it. Which is not to say I don't think it should be done. I also learned a lot from the debates I've had. But I've gotten to a point where I just can't do it anymore. I much rather rely on God's love and the Holy Spirit to draw people into a conversation with me. From there, people can see the way I live my life. And that ought to be our greatest witness.
Yes, it was Friday's sunrise - the one your co-worker failed to tell you about. See? If you worked with me you'd have seen the entire thing as it was happening...
I'm really sorry you had to miss it, though. I know the pics don't make up for the real thing, but I hope it helps a little bit.

9:21 PM  

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