Monday, November 17, 2008

Family-Fun and Faith

In case you're wondering why I didn't get anything posted over the weekend it was pretty much because of church.
Saturday began with our Board of Elders meeting, followed by lunch with JT at our most recent favorite chinese buffet - the one with the mongolian BBQ. Then after that we had to get ourselves home to prepare for the Family Fun Night at The Revolution Church.
Things were kinda weird this time around because of unusual circumstances. P.Dave had foot surgery on Friday, and he wasn't able to drive. So, JT and I agreed to meet everyone at Holy Trinity so I could drive P.Dave's SUV to the Family Fun Night. And that's what we did.
After we got there, and managed to get everything unloaded, the festivities began. There was plenty of food and munchies, game to play, DVD's to watch and music to listen to.

And then there's P.Dave making cappuccino for everyone that wanted one. Even with his crutches...

That's Katey sitting on the partition beside P.Dave, enjoying her coffee.
Yes, folks, that's right, our church has a cappuccino maker. How cool is that?

First up on our list of entertainment was...
Dr. Horribles Sing-a-long-Blog

If you haven't seen it yet, please make sure to take the time to enjoy it now. I only have the first half of the first act here, but you can watch the rest of it on You Tube. It's pretty funny, and done very well. The music is really catchy, but I think the ending of the whole show is disturbing.
Next up we watched Iron Man.
After Iron Man it was time for a little music. But not in the form of CD's or someone's i-pod or mp3 player. It was time for live music from some unnamed band that we're putting together.
Recently I've really felt that I should get back into playing my bass, and not just for worship at church. I told P.Dave about this a month or so ago and that started things rolling. He and Julian, the bassist who took my place when I originally left Splintered, have been feeling somewhat dissatisfied with the direction that Splintered has been heading in musically for the last couple of years. Actually, Julian has had bigger issues than that (but we won't discuss that here) and he has since taken to the drums. After I spoke to P.Dave about wanting to play again he talked to Julian, and Julian loved the idea of the three of us forming our own band.
As a result, P.Dave and Julian have recently resigned from Splintered to pursue a new direction. P.Dave will stay with the acoustic guitar.

Julian has a decent drum set-up.

What you're not seeing in the picture are the bass drum, the tom-tom and the snare. And he does a killer job using just his hands.
Then there's me on the 5 string bass.

We sound pretty good for what we're doing. And I have to tell ya, it feels awesome to know that I'm gonna get to play again, and to know that in time we'll be doing shows. And I don't care how big or small the venues might be, I'm just looking forward to playing again. I've always felt that music was a part of my calling, so now that part is coming together with the other stuff.

Oh, By the way, we're taking suggestions for a new name.

Despite the fact that we could've kept Splintered, and made the other guys find a new name - since Splintered was originally P.Dave's band - we've decided that we want to find a new name that suits our sound/style of music.
Eventually we wrapped everything up and called it a night. We hit the sack sometime around 1:30 AM.
Woke in the morning sometime around 9:30. Had Pop-Tarts and milk for breakfast. There was cereal available, but I wasn't in the mood for it. As everybody else began to rouse from their slumber we started getting everything picked up and prepared for the morning service. When we were done we packed up the vehicles and headed back to Holy Trinity. Unloaded and got under way to drpping JT off at home and then I had to get ready to go to Mom's for our traditional Sunday night dinner.
Mom and I watched the Steeler game together. It's fun to watch football with Mom since she really doesn't understand the game. So she asks questions about it, and that gives me the opportunity to talk a little bit about the game. But even better than that is Mom's absolute fascination with the game itself. She doesn't care about who wins or loses, as long as it's a good game. Now, she does always hope that the Steelers will win, but unlike so many people, if they don't she doesn't get upset about it. She just enjoys watching the game for the sake of the game - a good play is a good play, a good run is a good run, a good pass is a good pass, and a good hit is a good hit, even if she does wince when she sees it happen.
I left Mom's to do laundry and got home last night at 9:00 PM. I'm exhausted from this weekend. Now that Ive posted about it, I may just go to bed for the night.
I hope everyone else had a good weekend, too.

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