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What a night

By now I'm sure most of you are aware, from a previous post, that last night was my son's theatrical debut. And if you've read the comments to that post you'll know that a meeting was being discussed between myself and Wink. Well, both events went off quite well.
This is not the first time that I've met someone in person that I've only known through blogging, but I was still pretty geeked about it. Wink and I have been reading each other's blogs for about 2 years now. And the way we comment back and forth with one another makes it feel like we've known each other much longer. It also feels as if we should already know each other personally. So having the opportunity to actually meet sounded really cool to both of us.
What made it all possible is the fact that Wink lives somewhere out near my son's high school. So when I offered the invitation to see his theatrical debut, I was hoping she might want go. That way we could finally meet each other, and Bob would have one more fan in the audience. While it didn't quite wook out that way,the meeting still went off wonderfully.
I picked my mom up at her house around 6:00 and headed to Bob's school. I was expecting to meet Wink sometime around 6:30, and mom lives about 20 minutes away from the school, so I had the timing down pretty well. The play wasn't suposed to start until 7:30, so there would be plenty of time before going in. Shortly after we arrived I decided I didn't want to just sit in the car and wait. A car had parked a few spaces away from us and I had just started to get out of the car when I noticed that the people in that car were also getting out. It was Wink, and her husband PD, at least, that's what she calls him on her blog, but I'm now privy to his real name - but it shall remain a secret here also.
We approached each other with outstretched arms. I think we've both waited a long time to share a real live hug with one another. We've been through so many ups-n-downs in each others lives together - even if only via internet and occasional e-mails - that it was great to finally have that contact. It was long overdue. We started with proper introductions to one another, meanwhle my mother is still sitting in the car wondering what was going on. But she came out and I introduced her to Wink and we began to explain how it was that we knew each other. Mom was absolutely fascinated by it.
I had my camera, since it was my sons debut, so I managed to get a couple of pics of our meeting. I'm only posting this one.

There was another one, but we looked kinda stiff in it. I think there was a little apprehension about looking too much like we were trying to pose, and not looking natural enough. So, needless to say, we didn't look natural in it. But the one above looks like us being ourselves.
Also, when she saw my Ink-n-Fire up close for the first time she said that the pictures do not do it justice. I imagine that's why all of the bands and speakers I've met lately are so fascinated by it when I roll up my sleeve for the pics I get with them.
From there, we just had a really great conversation. Wink began by telling me "You're much calmer than I expected you to be." I kinda chuckled at that since I think I'm usually pretty calm - though I do admit that I get somewhat animated when the conversation starts to flow. But she explained that she was basing that idea on having heard only one episode of mine and JT's short-lived Geek-n-Tell podcast. Eventually I got to explain that as a form of audio media, I had to present myself as more excitable, less relaxed or calm, since calm does not translate into good audio.
We talked about a lot of different things. Wink asked how my daughter was doing. Which led us to talk about kids and society. I discussed edged weaponry with PD. We shared a bit about our individual collections. Wink talked to my mother about stuff. We discussed faith, and how Wink sees me being "pulled" in a direction, that she's been able to see it for the last several months. I encouraged her to continue to pursue her artistic calling, because I do believe - with all of my heart - that her atristic expressions are her Calling from God...
Wink even got to meet (almost/kinda) my Ex. As we were standing out in the lot talking, my Ex and her baby's daddy (that's not an intentional slight - it just seems to explain their current relational situation) arrived for the play. It made me feel a little bit self-concious because I didn't want the Ex to be a part of the meeting. Not that it would spoil it, but because I am a completely different person than the man she left, and I know she doesn't "get it". So I don't feel as if she's worthy of knowing the people that I associate with or care about nowadays.
We wrapped things up shortly after that since Wink and PD had to go, and Mom and I had to get into the play. We parted with more hugs, both of us dying to blog about this, I'm sure. And we both agreed that Jeff should've been a part of this little meeting. I told Wink I'd e-mail the pics to her so she could post them on her blog too. Then we parted ways.
Mom continued to be fascinated by how we ever came to know each other. She continued to speak of it off-non through the remainder of the evening. But we had the play to attend, so she held her musings til later.
We went inside and bought our tickets, then found our seats behind my Ex and ex-in-laws. There was an announcement at the beginning that video and flash photography were prohibited by law. So I had to wait til after the show to get any pictures of Bob.
The play was titled Virgil's Family Reunion. A story about a family of simple country folk trying to have a "semi-anal ("Don't you mean semi-annual? "That's what I said, semi-anal!") family reunion" while a snooty neighbor attempts to force them to either change their country ways or move out of the community. The kids did a great job. I mean, really! There were a couple of times when you could tell someone was forgetting a line, or there was some sort of backstage delay, but the kids who were on stage handled it well and even did some improv lines to keep things moving. Bob didn't make his first appearance until the second act. He was the police officer that was called upon to arrest Virgil's father. He ended up staying to eat so the family could still have their reunion. So Bob's appearances were scattered through the third/final act. He did great, and he had a fan club seperate from us. A few of his friends were hanging out in the back of the auditorium and they all yelled his name when he showed up on stage. It was pretty cool.
So this is Bob in character.

He had a blast. And the even more amazing thing, he had been sick all day. But he still came through like a trooper. I'm quite proud of him.
Then we got this pic together. We had to have a little fun with it...

Afterwards Bob introduced me to a couple of his friends. The one who was in the play actually walked up and said "You must be Bob's cool dad.". He saw the shirt and said "I'm lovin the outfit." I told him he should've seen me for Halloween.
We lingered a bit longer, talking to my ex-sister-in-law and a few others. Then we headed home. I dropped Mom off and came home to upload the pics and take care of a few e-mails and whatnot. Then headed off to bed.
I gotta tell ya, every day really and truly is a glorious new adventure for me!

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Holy crap, Michael, it sounds like we really were in the same place at the same time. Our posts are almost identical :-)
I'm totally floored that that was your Ex-wife who walked up beside me. You gave no indication... I remember thinking how beautiful her eyes are and when you didn't make an introduction, I thought, well, they must not be important... ack!
But I completely enjoyed this post and I'm glad we got to meet.
Thanks for making it possible!
Wish we could have stayed for the play, sounds like it was great. Bob makes a very convincing lawman :-)
Excuse me now, I'm going to go re-read...

10:11 PM  
Blogger M+ said...

I must confess, I feel as if I've slighted you somewhat with this post. After reading your shining review of our meeting, I realize that I failed to mention how warm and sparkling your personality is. But I also wrote this from the perspective that anyone reading it probably already reads your blog, and would already know that about you. So, I apologize for that.
Thank you for showing up. I've hoped to meet you for quite some time, and I'm glad we finally arranged it. The next time we get together, there will be food!
And finally, I'm going to send you an e-mail soon to share some things with you that we didn't get to discuss during our meeting - the Ex-wife and lack of introduction to her being one of them.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Jeff A said...

Well, sounds like fun. But if Jeff had been involved there would have had to be food as well, I'm thinkin' pizza!

10:45 AM  

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