Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And it gets better

OK, yesterday I posted about how well my Christmas was going already. Well, today was even better !!!
Bob and I headed out early to do a little "last minute shopping" - which is really code for us just wanting to get out and do some people watching and talking, as well as some eating. But I did have a few items to pick-up yet, so we made sure to take care of that first.
I have to say this though. When I picked Bob up on Tuesday afternoon, he wasn't feeling very festive. In fact, he was feeling a bit agitated about Christmas. And he wasn't sure he wanted to celebrate, let alone be around people. I was a bit concerned since I have all this joy and Christmas Spirit oozing out of my pores, and he was kinda "bah, humbug". It wasn't looking good for us for the Holiday. But after last night, and now tonight, he's much more in the Christmas Spirit. And that's a good thing.
We came home after our little excursion and watched The Dark Knight (my Christmas gift to myself) before heading over to my brother's. And that's when Christmas really came alive for us.
I'm sure some of you are wondering about my grandnephew, Conner, and his reaction to me. Well, he's still stand-off-ish, but he doesn't seem to be afraid of me the way he used to be. Especially since I gave him a Dark Knight action figure for Christmas...
My brother, Chris, picked on me a little bit about my becoming a grandpa soon. Of course, he also made sure to remind me how much fun it is, since he's been a grandfather for over 2 years. As we talked about it he informed me that he has turned into our father. I'm sure I will too.
We joked about the way my father used to play with us, and even more so, our kids when they were little. Now my brother finds himself doing some of the same things. He reminded me of the way my father would lay on the floor and when the kids would walk by he'd snatch them up between his legs and wrestle with them. Yeah, that's what my brother has been doing with Conner. We also talked about the way my dad would chase us and the kids around, growling with his hands raised like claws. Yeah, Chris is doing that with Conner, too. Conner loves it.
Something else that was completely hilarious was the "major award" that Chris received from my niece, Jackie. She brought it in to him in a box labeled "Fragile" ("Must be Italian."). It even had "This End Up" written on the side, while it was laying sideways. Yes, we joked about my brother's "mind power"...
Can you tell where we're going with this?
That's right, folks. My brother is the proud owner of a Leg Lamp !!!
It's actually a miniature version of the lamp from A Christmas Story. And it's not an electrical lamp, it's a candle holder. But it is sooooo cool!
We began a new tradition tonight, too. The Man Table.
It actually began over Thanksgiving by accident. While my brother's in-laws were visiting for the weekend, they found that all of the men gathered around the kitchen table while the women gathered in the dining room. As the men were gathered around the table one evening, Conner joined them while wearing his Steeler's helmet. But they made him take it off. They placed the helmet on the table in place of the centerpiece. At which point they began to joke about The Man Table. So it stuck. And we instated that as a new tradition tonight. All of the men sat in the kitchen to eat, while the women ate in the dining room. The women babbled on and on about whatever. The men discussed Rules for Life and Man Laws - as well as sports and other man-stuff.
Chris also shared something with me for P.Dave's cousin Patrick. There's an article about him in their monthly newsletter. It reiterates his selection as Rookie of the Year, but it also has a section called "Unsung Heroes". Patrick is listed as one of them with some remarkable comments from Head Coach, Mike Tomlin. Not a bad thing to have such high praise coming from your head coach. My brother also asked me to ask Patrick how he liked hearing Twas the Night Before Christmas, as read by Steelers Defensive Co-coordinator, Dick Lebeau - an annual tradition practiced by the Steelers organization for as long as he's been with them. So I'll be sure to talk to Patrick about that the next time I see him.
We had planty of food. We played Rock Band on my nephew, David's, X-Box 360. We shared gifts with one another. Joked about mom not being able to make it through saying grace at dinner without crying. And just had a great family celebration of Christ's birthday. It was wonderful!
Coming home was pretty cool, too. Driving through my brother's housing plan was almost like driving through Hartwood Acres. The people in his neighborhood do a great job of decorating their homes. And I really loved seeing it all.
Now, tomorrow, I'll make breakfast for Bob and myself. Then Aliesha will come over some time around 1:00 to take Bob to spend time with the Ex's family. I will return to my brother's for Christmas dinner.
I really do hope and pray that all of you are enjoying your Christmas as much as I'm enjoying mine. I am truly, truly, Blessed. And I am so thankful to God for this joyous season.
Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank you for everything You've done, and everything You're going to do!

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Sounds great. I like your new Man Table tradition, it's kind of like our family's Kid Table.
Wasn't The Dark Knight awesome?
Hope the rest of your Holiday is as great as it has been so far.
Oh and thanks again for the Parable. I love that :-)

8:27 AM  

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