Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Red @ Diesel

Actually, there was more to the whole night than just going to see Red, so I'll share all of that with you first.
Met up with P.Dave around 5:15 at his house. He was ready to go, but his daughter, Carissa was not. But it was OK since we had plenty of time yet. Got on the road by 5:40 and called JT to let him know we were on our way. Especially since he was meeting us at The Beehive on Carson Street - just about a block and a half from Diesel.
We arrived at the Beehive around 6:30ish. I found JT and sat down with him while P.Dave and Carissa decided what they wanted. But we were still waiting for one more to join us; Patrick, P.Dave's cousin - the one who plays for the Steelers.
It kinda sucks that when I spoke to P.Dave on Monday night there were supposed to be 10 of us going to the show. By the time I got to his house we were down to 5. So, P.Dave had extra tickets which he gave away. Actually, JT gave two away to a couple of young ladies who were at The Beehive. Then P.Dave gave two away to a young lady who was waiting outside of Diesel for her boyfriend so they could buy their tickets. She was really excited to get them - and not have to pay.
We got inside and took a look around. It was a small crowd, but growing slowly. And after getting a lay of the club, and seeing that there were no seats around, we decided to go to the balchony. We made that decision because P.Dave recently had surgery on his foot, and while he's free to walk on it as he pleases, his doctor still wants him to stay off his feet as much as possible. The balchony was the only place where there were any seats.
That's when I started getting pics.
It's not the most flattering shot of JT, but at least he's smiling.

P.Dave and Carissa were checking things out below.

P.Dave was enjoying himself, and Carissa was taking in the whole atmosphere. This was a new experience for her - her first hard rockin' concert - at a club, no less! I was glad to be here for this since she's kinda shy and reserved. Later on I got to encourage her to do a little headbangin' and fist-pumping. It was fun to watch since she wasn't quite sure what to do, or how. But if she continues to hang out with us, she'll learn.
Then there's Patrick.

I like Patrick, a lot. He's really down to earth and has a great sense of humor. I tease him about the weather since he's a Texas boy, and not used to the crappy weather we're used to living with. I also try not to talk about football with him, too much. After all, that is his job. I wouldn't want people to talk manufacturing around me when I'm off the clock. But I did make sure to tell him that I loved his work in the game against Baltimore. He did have a few good tackles.
We could tell this wasn't really his thing, and he was pretty tired from work...

The first band up for the evening was Seventh Echo.

They're a band out of Columbus Ohio. They had a decent sound. I may have to check them out further. You'll have to excuse the pic. I wasn't quite close enough to not use the "night" setting on my camera. So it picked up all of the movement.

The next band was Crashing Metropolis. I didn't get any pics of these guys. I have to admit, I wasn't very impressed with them. I liked the music because it was hard and heavy, but the vocals weren't quite right. The best way for me to put it is to say they have a good feel, but not a good sound. Patrick decided to leave because of these guys - and because it was getting late for him. And lets face it folks, he's got a much harder day ahead of him than any of us do...

The final opening act of the night was a band called Through Infinity. We really liked these guys. We actually decided to get on the floor for ths show.

Ya gotta love a hardcore alternative rock band with a black lead singer.

And, man! Did he belt it out!

The guitarist was high-energy. If there were more room on the stage I'm sure he would've been all over the place. It was fun to watch him play.

I ended up with one of the drummer's sticks. Not bad for a free souvenier.

Finally, the show we were waiting for.

All I'm gonna say is that Red puts on one of the best live shows I've ever seen. Just look at the pics and I'll close with some final thoughts...

These guys know how to work the crowd and the crowd is always into it. When the show was over we tried to get one of Anthony's (lead guitarist) picks for Carissa, but somebody else found it first. I had reached up to shake Michael's (vocals) hand and he handed me his water bottle - like I'm gonna do anything with it...
I probably should've given it to the girl that was standing in front of me. I'm sure she would've kept it, and drank from it everyday. She was really into the band.
Anyways, we wrapped things up after a few moments. I picked-up a T-shirt for Bob. I'll give it to him for Christmas.
Stopped at The Beehive so P.Dave could get a chai tea for the ride home. Got back to P.Dave's around 11:30ish. I took JT home and made it to my house shortly after Midnight. I was supposed to go into work an hour early today for a little bit of OT, but I never set my alarm. Actually, I set it to go off at 4:00, but never turned it on. So when I woke up at 6:40 - I figured I should just call off. And that's why I'm posting this in the middle of the day.
OK, I'm gonna go take a nap and then I'll do my laundry.

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