Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The usual

Just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow will be mine and JT's Annual New Years Eve Movies-n-Munchies Marathon. I believe this will be our 4th year of doing so. And, once again, all are welcome to attend. Even though nobody else has ever shown up, I still want the invitation to be extended - just in case any of you find yourselves roaming about somewhere in southwestern PA with no significant plans for your New Years Eve. All we ask is that you bring a beverage to share with us.
Food-wise, we'll be having the typical stuff; shrimp ring, taquitos, probably wings, and, of course, pork-n-sauerkraut for the end of the evening. Not sure what movies are on our playlist, although JT did mention putting a few good ones on his queue from Netflix. And I do have both Iron Man and The Dark Knight.

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