Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Friday night

I think it's safe to say that all of us are recovering from our night out last night.

Yeah, it was the usual suspects (plus one or two more) last night as we headed to Crafton for a concert that was snowed-out last month. It was JT, Bob, Matt and, the latest addition to our crew, Corey - as well as yours truly, of course. And we had a great time.
I must apologize that I didn't take any pictures. My batteries were dead enough that I probably wouldn't have gotten more than 4 or 5. So I just didn't take any. However, if you're interested in seeing pics from the event, you can always check out JT's Flickr page. He did get some good shots.
We got to the church sometime around 6:30. JT was already there since he took a bus straight from work. It was a somewhat disappointing turnout at that time with maybe a dozen people mulling around. But it would grow by the time the show began. So we sat and talked and joked around with one another and chatted with some of the people we had met the last time we were here - for the concert that had been cancelled. BY the time everything started the crowd had grown to be about 40-50 kids and adults. Not too bad.
The show started sometime around 7:15. The first act was a white Christian rapper named Braille.
I gotta tell ya, I'm not too keen on rap. Wait! Let me rephrase that; I despise rap! OK, that's better. Now, I'm not especially fond of white rappers, either (as if that needed to be said). And to put the final nail in this coffin for my enthusiasm, I've always found Christian rap to be rather lame. It's as if it's geared towards parents so they can tell their kids that there's Christian rap out there so they don't have to listen to the rest of the crap that's out there. But that's just my take on it.
Now, I'm not gonna tell you that this guy changed my mind about white Christian rappers, or even about rap in general. But I will say that as white Christian rappers go, he was OK. And I would be remiss if I didn't at least say that he had a good message to share when he stopped rapping and just talked to everyone. His message actually hit home with me. It was about God having a purpose for us if we're willing to submit and let Him guide us. And that God has incredible plans for all of us, if we're willing to follow His lead.
It seems I've heard this message before. A lot, in fact, over the past couple of years. Funny that God would use this, the most unlikely source that God could choose for me, to remind me of this message in my life.
Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?
And, yes, after the set I made sure to tell Braille that his message was an affirmation for me. Which, in turn, was an affirmation for him in his calling.
How cool is it that God does that kinda stuff?
But anyways...
So, the next band up was Undermine The Common. Very hard rock. We had a mosh pit for this set. It made us happy that there were a few other guys that wanted to mosh with us. I really like these guys. Especially since we got to hang out with them on the night of the snowed-out show. They have a great sound, and they are tireless in their efforts to thank everyone involved with their music ministry. They even plugged JT's podcast for him.
Next up was Joe. I suppose he has a band called A Common Crisis, but we never saw anyone else. Or maybe he just uses it to describe the theme of his music. Either way, he's a very talented guitarist. He used a Sampler pedal to record a riff, then he'd lay down his live playing over the playback. Very cool! He had an almost jazz feel to some of his music. Very relaxing. I almost fell asleep to it. But I don't mean for that to sound like I was bored, but we just weren't going to mosh to this and I had been up since 3:30 AM.
The last act was Take The Name. This was actually the band that I wanted to see more than the others. They found me on Myspace and invited me to the original show last month. So when I found out it was rescheduled, I knew I had to be there. They put on a great show. Hardcore screaming metal. And they had some of the kids really worked up. We moshed! And to make things even better, they gave us the Wall Of Death. JT has pics of it on his Flickr page. You'll have to go see them. We were all quite impressed with this band. Much better than we expected. So it made the wait worthwhile.
We wrapped it up by talking to all of the bands and getting JT's picture taken with all of them. And he also bought a poster from Take The Name so he could get it signed to hang on the wall with all of his other posters. This is a band he is looking forward to playing on his podcast.
We left sometime around 11:00. Dropped JT off and then me and the rest of the guys realized that we were kinda hungry. So we stopped at Pasquales for some pizza and then headed home.
It's always good when I get to enjoy a night out with friends, especially when it only cost $5 for the show. But it's even better that Bob and his friends enjoyed it too. We all had a blast, and can't wait for our next opportunity to have some fun like this again.

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Sounds like a nice way to spend a cold winter night in the 'Burgh.

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