Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dedicated !!!

Anyone who follows football is well aware of how dedicated the Steelers fan base is. Pittsburghers travel well. You can always find more than a few Terrible Towels being twirled no matter who or where the Steelers might be playing. Steeler fans also transplant well into other cities throughout the world. And we remain loyal to our beloved Steelers. In fact, I've met Steelers fans in many of the places I've visited. Even in places where the Browns and Bengals are the long-time favorites. But I think that level of dedication has just been bumped up a bit.
As of my typing this, there is a restaurant chain - headquartered in Pittsburgh - called Eat'n Park that is closing all 75 of it's restaurants at 3:00 PM on Super Bowl Sunday so all of their employees can be home in time to watch the game...
And they're not the only business doing it. I know of at least one grocery store that's closing early on Sunday for the same reason.
I have to admit, there's a part of me that has to wonder if there isn't something more to it than that. Maybe it's something they're doing preempively. Perhaps they expect the majority of their employees to call-off, so they're going to avoid the potential mess of having their business understaffed by simply not being open during the game. Or maybe it's because it isn't worth being open because nobody goes out to eat or shop unless they can still watch the game while they're there. Both are possibilities.
But I tend to believe that it is a matter of being loyal to the Steelers and their fan base. After all, the Steeler fans are also some of Eat'n Parks favorite customers.

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