Saturday, January 31, 2009

The end draweth nigh

Tomorrow is the big day, the Big Game; The Super Bowl.
Or, if you're anything like JT, The Super Bowl Commercials. And that's OK, too. Because if you're not a big fan of the game, or if your favorite team isn't in the game, the commercials are still always worth watching.
However, now that the day is actually upon us, that means that the endless hype that has been pouring out of every media outlet in existence over the last two weeks will soon come to it's end. I can't say I'm terribly upset about that. But I must admit that I will miss some of it.
You see, I have the NFL Network. Or, as I have been calling it for the last two weeks, the 24/7 Steelers Network. If you have the NFL Network, then you know what I'm talking about. The Steelers have such a fantastic record and history in the Super Bowl that there's a lot of great footage that can be shown. So it seems like everytime I turn around, there's another Film Session feature about one of the Super Bowl winning Steelers teams. Or a Replay or Rewind of one of their playoff or one of their five Super Bowl wins. It's all very cool and exciting if you're a Steelers fan - which I am! Not to mention that the NFL Network stage in Tampa has been surrounded by countless Steelers fans, with their Terrible Towels waving, all week long. So, I will miss all of that when the game is finally over. Unless, of course, the Steelers win, in which case I'm sure we'll get to see a lot more of it with the newest win included in that footage.
Now, I will not miss the multitude of various experts and players, past and present, who've been playing politician for the last two weeks. Mostly because they keep saying a whole lot of nothing as they try to answer the question "Who do you think will (or want to) win this game?" without actually answering the question. I mean, even Ray Lewis - who you know hates the Steelers - wouldn't give a straight answer. In fact, he answered it the same way JT does "The team that scores the most will win." (DUH!). But I can't say I blame the commentators for being cautious with their answer. They have to appear objective in this, at least until just before the game. Because there really is no voice for the Cardinals. They have no history with the Super Bowl. They're a young team with a few veterans, but very little footage for a 24/7 football network to show us. So, I expect the talking heads to do a lot of talking about the team that doesn't have enough film to do it's talking for them. But I don't mean for that to sound as if I'm diminishing the Cardinals accomplishments. I have to respect what this team has done. Especially in light of the coaching staff being pretty much another Pittsburgh squad.
So, enjoy the game, or the commercials, and may the better team win. We'll be watching at church on our wall sized screen. I'm sure you all know who I'm cheering for. And, Faith, I also wish your team well - because they are almost a Pittsburgh team. But I have a deeper interest in a Steelers win this year. This year I actually know someone who's playing in the game. And I really want to see one of those rings up close. Especially one with 6 diamonds...

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Anonymous faith said...

I wish my real team was in it (THE EAGLES - THE REAL PA TEAM :) ) but since they're not, go cards! Good luck and I'm sure you'll enjoy the game!

4:34 PM  

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