Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm certifiable !!!

As if we didn't already know that...

Actually, today at work we began our annual soldering recertification classes. Which means that those of us who regularly do soldering as a part of our job, get to go through several hours of rehashing the theory behind what soldering is, and how to do it properly. We also get to do a lot of hands-on training to demonstrate to our instructor that we know what we're doing. And when we're all done, we get a nifty certificate that says we're certified to solder according to the industry's J-Standard for Soldering.
It's all kinda cool. Philips/Respironics shells out a substantial chunk of change to provide this training. And of the hundreds of people who work in production, there are only about 30 of us who get this training. I feel so special...
I always enjoy the classes, too. The company, Blackfox, that provides the training and materials always sends us the same instructor now, but they didn't always. I think it's because of the one time when they sent an instructor that rubbed everyone the wrong way, and had an almost confrontational teaching style. She didn't go over very well with any of us. But our current instructor has been training/re-training us for the last 5 years. And she always has such great stories to tell about her many travels. Which really makes the classes that much better. That, and the fact that we all kinda know each other now makes it a bit of fun. And just think of it, I'm getting paid to do this...
How cool is that?

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Congratulations, you Solder Soldier, you ;-) I can remember watching my dad using a solder gun when I was small and thinking that I might like to try that one day. But then PD let my try my hand at Tig welding a few years ago and that was pretty fun and I was pretty good at it. I have this fascination with changing the physical properties of things... Like cooking and ironing... Melting things is especially cool, I think.

8:09 PM  
Blogger M+ said...

Yeah it is a lot of fun to work with things that you can change the properties of. It's scientific and artsy at the same time.
Eventually, I'm going to use some of my lesser known talents to be creative and have some fun. I'll have to share some of my ideas with you someday...

8:26 PM  

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