Thursday, January 01, 2009

Shiny and new

Happy New Year, everyone !!!
Well, JT and I had another one of our fantastic Annual New Year's Movie-n-Munchies Marathons last night - and into today.
It all started when I got home from work yesterday. I put the pork roast in the crock pot and ignored it for the rest of the night.
Headed over to get JT around 5:00. We stopped to grab a case of hard cider and some pop to go with our munchies. Also decided to grab some other snacks in case the taquitos, tortilla chips with taco dip, pizza rolls and the pork roast weren't enough.
We kicked things off with The Jerk. It just happened to be on HBO when we turned on the TV. After that we watched I Am Legend, also just happened to be on one of the other HBO's when we turned the channels. From there we decided to watch Doom - based on the ever popular computer game - because I'd never seen it before. After Doom we watched Vantage Point. A very good movie, though it gets annoying when they rewind every thing every time they show a different person's perspective of what happened. Still, it was a good story and very well done. We ended the night with The Dark Knight and hit the sack sometime around 4:00 AM.
We rolled out of bed at 9:00 AM and started a new marathon for the day; Mythbusters. It was on Discovery Channel. We both like the show, and neither of us felt like searching through our CDs for something we both might like - that we haven't already watched a thousand times. So we stayed with Mythbusters until 3:00 PM. That's when JT decided it was time to go home and take a nap.

So, how was your New Years celebration? Everybody have fun? Recovering nicely?
I could use a bit more sleep, but I'm doing fine otherwise.
Are we all looking forward to the shiny new year?
I am. After 2008 being one of the best years of my life, I can't wait to see what God is going to do this year. Besides, I've already had a preview. Some things that have been coming through lately in my prayer time seem to indicate that great things are on the horizon. And I will share a bit of scripture with everyone that God lead me to yesterday, so I could share it with those who need to know this.

Psalm 37:18-19
18 Day by day the Lord takes care of the innocent,
and they will receive an inheritance that lasts forever.
19 They will not be disgraced in hard times;
even in famine they will have more than enough.

I hope you all take comfort in that. I certainly do. It encourages me. It strengthens me. It reminds me that God is ultimately in control, and that we matter to Him. And that's good to know.
OK, I have some sleep to catch up on, because I want to be fresh for tomorrow. I'm gonna have a big surpise for everyone. I think you'll all like it...

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