Wednesday, February 25, 2009

God is sooooo good to me

I gotta tell ya, I never saw this coming!
As I'm sure you're all aware by now, Respironics was bought by Philips. The deal was announced back in December of 07 and has been slowly progressing to it's end - which will be April 1st of this year. And while many of my co-workers have had doomsday scenarios playing out in their heads, I have believed from day one that this would be a good thing for us. I have been prove right!
We've been going through phases of transition from Respironics policies and procedures to Philips policies and procedures. It's been a bit annoying at times as we have to make sure to dot our i's and cross our t's - not to mention minding our p's & q's. But we're almost fully integrated now. The only thing that remains is the phasing out of our Respironics benefits package into Philips benefits, and I, for one, am pretty happy with the change.
We had meetings this week so that representatives of Philips could share details of the various benefits and plans that are available to us. From my perspective, I will either retain similar benefits to the ones I currently have, for less money per pay. Or I will be able to upgrade to certain better benefits for what will be less than the $13/paycheck that President Obama's stimulus plan is supposed to return to me. And something even better, as our current benefits are structured, we pay our share of our various insurance premiums every pay. With Philips we will have the added "bonus" of not having to pay those premiums with our first official Philips paycheck. And, whenever we get three paychecks in a single month (like we will in May and October of this year), the third paycheck will also not have the premiums witheld. So, basically, my first paycheck, and my extra paychecks in May and October, will have substantially more money in them for me to work with. How cool is that?
Something else that I find to be rather intriguing is the way the premiums are structured for us. Philips has a tiered structure based upon our income. The less you make, the less you pay towards your medical insurance.
At first I wasn't sure what to think about this. Being the consumate capitalist that I am, I see hints of socialism in this idea. And yet, if this is how Philips chooses to run it's business, who am I to complain? After all, this isn't being mandated by some government entity, this is a decision made by the management of the company. And I've always believed that the companies that take the best care of their employees usually have the most loyal employees.

I think about how so many companies are laying people off, reducing benefits, cutting pay, or closing down altogether, and I can't help being thankful to God for this amazing blessing. I've never felt so protected in my life. And I do feel protected! It's as if God has placed a barrier between me (and my co-workers) and all of the turmoil that the rest of the world is going through. I'm blessed! Richly so! How can I not be thankful to Him for all of this?

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Blogger Jeff A said...

That is awesome, yes God is good. So you know, I was informed by my ex-boss that, regardless of how I feel about the stimulus, I will experience at least one of it's benefits. My COBRA payments for my insurance will go from over $200 to around $70. Yep, God is watching out for us.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous faith said...

That's awesome for you, glad to hear it!

Unfortunately, I'm in one of those companies who did its first round of lay offs in December (luckily I survived) and now are talking pay cuts and medical insurance cuts. As in, we'll have to pay more for it. I'm just waiting to find out when that happens. Gotta love the times we're in.

11:38 AM  
Blogger M+ said...

I know things are rough for you. And I have to agree, regardless of how you feel about the stimulus plan, enjoy the benefits while you can.

Perhaps this will sound cliche, but you should consider yourself blessed that you still have the job. Even if you do get a pay cut, you'll be making more than the people who got laid off.
I hate to be the one to say this, but the times we're in will probably get worse before they gets better. But there is hope. Everything is cyclical. Eventually the economy will correct itself - as long as the politicians don't screw with it too much. And that's my biggest concern. Politicians are notoriously ignorant of real-world economics/business.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous faith said...

I tell myself that everyday, that I am lucky to still have a job. And I remind myself of it even more when stuff goes on that makes me just want to walk out, but know I can't. I am thankful I have a job, and I know things will get worse, I just can't wait until the worse ends and the better gets here.

11:44 PM  

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