Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A little bit of fun never hurt anybody

Does it sound weird that I can say I've been having fun at work for the last few days?

It began last Friday when I was shifted into a different work-area, again. A product that I've worked on before, but haven't touched in nearly 5 years. So it's pretty cool that I get to re-learn everything I've forgotten since then. But I'm also getting to learn some new stuff that we didn't do when I worked on the line previously.
There's a machine that has been added to the line. A machine that includes a slimey, gray liquid that "hardens" into a rubbery gasket for the product enclosures. It's nothing too messy, but when mistakes are made the gasket has to be removed and re-applied. To give everyone a rough idea about the substance that I'm dealing with I'd have to say it's got a similar odor and consistency to what was once a "toy" (for lack of a better term) called Slime.
Now, for those of you who remember Slime, you probably also remember pretending to sneeze while flicking small gobs of Slime at others. All in good fun, of course. But since I can't quite get away with such shennanigans at work I've had to refrain and opt for wordplay instead. So the recurring statement for the last few days has been "They call it a gasket, but it'snot!"
Otherwise, I've just been enjoying the fact that I get to do something a little different these days. And I have different co-workers to talk to and joke around with. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I'm OK with it all for now.

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