Monday, February 16, 2009

Making a difference

It's been a great weekend.
Had today off for Presidents Day. Go figure. But I'm not about to complain. If Philips wants to give us Presidents Day as a paid holiday I'll gladly stay home, sleep in, goof-off and visit with my daughter and grandson.
I'm sure by now you're all well aware that I'm a grandfather. If you didn't already know that, then you can read more about it below. But there was so much more to my weekend than just becoming a grandfather.
I had a Compassion event at a conference for college students that I volunteered for on Saturday. It went very well. I helped find sponsors for 7 kids. I say that because it's quite possible that those kids wouldn't have been sponsored if I hadn't been at the tables to answer questions and talk to people about the ministry of Compassion.
You see, it was another one of those events where the coordinator had more things to look after than just the table and volunteers. We had a speaker at the conference who is actually a graduate of one of Compassion's projects in Uganda. He also moved on into the Leadership Developement Program which takes the best and the brightest and helps them to go to college. So my coordinator, whose name escapes me, spent most of his time showing our speaker, Richmond, around and preparing him for his time on stage. That meant that I was spending most of my time at the table all by myself. And I'm cool with that! Especially after being given the reigns when I took P.Dave to help out at Creation Festival: The Tour. So I was in my element.
One really great thing about being at the table was the way so many people who already sponsor kids would approach me just to tell me how much it has impacted thier lives. And I would get to share with them about the impact it's had on mine. But the best thing was when someone would come up and ask me questions about sponsorship and I'd give them answers that they needed to hear. The most satisfying sponsorship that I managed to get was from a young man who wanted to talk to me about it, but wasn't sure he could afford it. As we talked, I reminded him of all the things we buy out of our desire to simply have something, not because we need it - it's just because we want it. And we discussed the things we get on a daily basis, like coffee, bottled water, or pop, and how we could easily do without these things if we chose to, and the amount of money we end up not spending could actually cover the cost of sponsoring a child. By the time we had finished talking he knew what it was he was going to sacrifice in order to sponsor the child he had been looking at. It was a good feeling for me because I know he's not just giving from his surplus, this is coming from his heart because of the conversation we had. And I know that the people who give from their hear will continue to give even when things get tight. Because I also know that most people who only give because it's affordable won't keep giving when things get rough.
At the end of the night my coordinator thanked me for being there. He's the one who said that none of the 7 children who were sponsored would've been sponsored if I hadn't been at the table. My being there really made the difference. And all I did was show up and talk to people about something that I really believe in. And God honored that.
So, not only did I get a grandson this weekend, I helped 7 kids in this world to find a better future in life. Tell me that isn't cool...

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Blogger Jeff A said...

What an awesome weekend that would be, become a grandparent and help children. You really are one cool guy, although I still miss the mohawk! :)

3:40 PM  
Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Cooler than Cool, Michael :-)
Ask Jeff what's keeping him from having his own mohawk ;-)

5:20 PM  
Blogger M+ said...

Yeah, it was an awesome weekend! And after all of the festivals, events and concerts that I got to do last year, I expect many more similar weekends to come.
Thank you. I enjoy being reminded from time to time that I am still kinda cool. I miss my mohawk, too.
"Cooler than cool" is waaaaay cool as compliments go. Thank you for saying so.
Yeah, Jeff, what's keeping you from getting a mohawk?

On the topic of the mohawk:
I have to admit that there are times when I really do miss it. I no longer have the visible uniqueness that I used to enjoy. I don't think people are intimidated by me anymore. And that's OK, but I've noticed the difference, and it makes me want to do something really drastic with my hair as soon as it's long enough. And sometimes, when one of my co-workers tells me how much more they like my hair now, and didn't like the mohawk, I want to shave off the sides and go back to the mohawk.
I'm just saying...

7:47 PM  

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