Thursday, March 19, 2009


Wow! This is a first for me.
I signed up to do an official Compassion event for next month and was turned down. Go figure...
Actually, I spoke to my Event Coordinator, Randy, and he told me that he already had someone signed up to do it before I replied to the request. But because the speaker is Bob Lenz there's a good chance that he'll do a Packet Pass - like the ones we did at Creation and the Creation Festival Tour. And since it's a free event, there's no reason why I can't show up to help out, or to just enjoy Bob's message. So I'm planning on going anyways.

It was good talking to Randy again. He's been involved with nearly every event I've done as an Advocate, and has been a great encouragement and inspiration for me as I continue to grow in this ministry. He mentioned that plans for this year's Creation Festival will be shaping up next month. So, hopefully, I'll be getting my invitation to volunteer to staff the festival before the end of April. I'm sooooo looking forward to going again. So is Bob. And now that we know what's involved with it all, we'll be able to enjoy it even more this year.

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