Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our latest adventure

It was not the grand adventure that I would typically write about, but it's been enjoyable.
First off, it wasn't the usual suspects tonight. JT couldn't make it because of an injury that would've made standing for several hours an unbearable ordeal. But on the bright side, Bob, Matt and myself were joined by another of Bob's friends; Shane. The more the merrier, right?
There was a concert for us to attend tonight in Uniontown, about an hour south of us. The headliner of the show was Breaking The Silence, a band I've been wanting to see for about a year now, but haven't had an opportunity before tonight. They were joined by five other local bands, also from the Uniontown area. So I was hoping for a good show.
I'll admit that it wasn't a bad show. But I think we might've enjoyed it more if we had known more of the bands playing tonight. That, or else fewer bands overall. It's hard to want to see six bands play in one night.
The crowd was not too different from the one we encountered at our last concert. Fortunately there were no thrashers in this crowd.
Anyways, the first band was not only local, but very new and very young. Their name was Iris.

Yeah, they may have been teenagers...
But they sounded great! I was truly impressed with these kids. They actually had a very solid, hard, rock sound. Good enough for us to start a mosh pit. But they only played three songs. Yet, all three were their own original songs. Very cool! And we talked to the young lady who was their vocalist after their set. They don't have any music recorded yet, no Myspace page, no real prescence on the web yet. But I still pitched JT's podcast to her - for whenever they do have some music available online. She was quite geeked about it.

Next up was a band called Sanctified.

They were OK. Nothing special. And the while we weren't the only ones moshing, nobody really seemed to be into their music.

The third band up was The Sixth Hour.

A very lively old-school metal band - minus the big hair and "glam". The mosh pit really took off with these guys. We had a blast. That is, until Bob got a fat lip. And then Matt hurt his knee when he got knocked down. And then Shane messed up his knuckles. And then I tripped over someone and ended up banging my knee on the floor. By the end of these guy's set, we felt like we'd gone through a war. But it was sooooo much fun to just get out there and slam around without having to worry about the thrashers causing any trouble.
There were few guys in the pit with us that really kept things going. So I got a picture of a couple of them.

I included (from left to right) Shane, Bob and Matt, too. I couldn't find the other three guys who had been moshing with us.
It was about this time that my crew decided that they wanted to do something else. While they enjoyed the mosh pit, and the music was decent, they were just not in the mood to watch a bunch of bands that they really didn't know or care about. I was somewhat disappointed by this, because of the drive and the one band I did want to see being the last one to play, but I also knew that Breaking The Silence was going to be at the Summer Slam Fest this year, so I should be able to see them there.
We decided that grabbing a bite to eat would be a good idea. And while we discused where to go, it came up that Matt had never been to Hooters. Guess where we went?
But first, for some odd reason, we decided that we wanted to stop at Petland to check out the puppies and other small, cuddly animals that were there. It was weird, and yet very nice. It was kinda relaxing. And when we'd had enough "cute" for the night we headed to Hooters.
We pulled our funds and got some wings and drinks and just enjoyed the atmosphere. And afterwards we came back here to my house where the guys decided to do their own thing while I posted to my blog abot it all.
And here we are. The night is winding down, and I'm about ready to hit the sack. Have a good one.

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Blogger Jeff A said...

Hey, I went to a concert the other night. Not the kind of music I usually do, but it was very good.

3:24 PM  
Blogger M+ said...

Very good! And good for you. I know it's been awhile since you've been able to get out and relax.

6:09 PM  

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