Monday, March 09, 2009

Shameless plug

Excuse me for a moment while I conduct a little capitalism here at my blog...

It seems my brother has embarked on a new business venture selling sports apparel. Actually, he's been involved in sports collectibles and memorabilia for some time, and has been fairly successful with his E-bay auctions. Now he wants to make it a bit more official. So, being the wonderful brother that I am, I'm giving him a rather shameless plug here.
At the moment he's calling the business Steel City Sports Company. He plans to specialize in Steelers jerseys to start with. Like this one below...

... or the one available here.
In fact, if you go to the link, you'll be able to see other items listed as well. And very well priced for those of us who are a part of the Steeler Nation. About half of what you'd pay at any of the retail outlets. But there's more!
At the moment he's got the big names. But he will be expanding his selection soon. Not to mention he's able to get jerseys from other teams as well. He's even got an old friend of mine - Kenn Lucas (for those of you who remember Bad Influence) - working on a webpage/website for the business. Currently all he has is the E-bay account and an e-mail address.
It is my brother's hope that the business does well enough to enable him to sell autographed itmes and other such collectibles and memorabilia. He wants his site to be the one place to go to find whatever one might need for "the man cave".

Now, I realize that I have very few sports fans as regular readers, but that's OK because some of you may know others who are more interested. So if you don't mind sending them this way, it would be greatly appreciated. Besides, I get a little kick-back for any items sold as a result of my efforts. Just make sure to mention me or my blog.

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