Sunday, April 12, 2009


As the above Quote... implies, I do believe - with every fiber of my being, and to the very depths of my soul - in the bodily resurrection of the lord Jesus Christ.

I doubt - very much - that any of you, my regular visitors and friends, didn't already know that about me. But I still have the desire to share that with everyone because of it's importance to the world.
As I've said before, it is the resurrection of Jesus that is the pivotal moment of all human history. While we may celebrate Christmas with much more flair and excitement, Easter is the Holiday by which Christmas has any real meaning. Christmas exists because Easter had to happen. Christ was born so He could die - and then be raised back to life. For without the resurrection there is no Hope for any of us.
Likewise, without the resurrection, the words of Jesus are hardly anything more than sentimental tripe. They may encourage us to be better people, or to do good things for others, but outside of that they offer us no real hope for the world. Yet that is what the resurrestion is all about - Hope.
We have Hope today because of what happened 2000 years ago. And not a hope like so many people in the world says "I hope" - as if what they hope for is highly unlikely, barring any miracles - our Hope is steadfast and true. Because of the miraculous!
So, my wish for all of you this Easter, and everyday, is that you live your life in the miraculous Hope of the resurrection and that you would allow God's miraculous power to flow into every area of your life. For if God can raise a dead man from the grave, what might He "raise" in our daily lives?

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