Saturday, April 11, 2009

A good time was had by all

It was a good day yesterday. Not much happened during the day, unless you want me to bore you with the details of me doing my laundry. But once JT and I got together, things started to shape up.
We started with a visit to the Golden Corral. Where else can you get steak and seafood without paying an arm and a leg for it?
When we left we decided to stop at my house real quick to make sure we had enough batteries to get our cameras through the night. And since Bob and his buddies had decided not to join us, we wanted to at least give them one more chance to change their minds. They didn't. So JT and I were on our way.
It took us a little more than an hour to get to the venue. A rather interesting place called The Net Outreach. It's a three story building that houses a coffee shop/cafe on the first floor - with a very nice dinning area that includes a coffee bar - classrooms on the second floor and the concert auditorium on the top floor. We hung out until it was time for the bands to get started and then headed to the top floor.
The first band up was Third From First. They were good!

They had a solid hard/alternative rock sound. And the vocalist, could belt it out.

Both guitarists tore it up.

Yeah, JT and I really liked these guys. They had a lot of presence on the stage and put on a good high-energy show for the six songs they played. Next up was a band we had seen the last time we were here; Breakaway - who are now called HillCity Lights. Still a good power-pop band with a lot of energy.

These kids (and one grown-up) have a lot of fun, and it's kinda infectious. They play their own songs with a few covers. And their vocalist has a great voice and some pipes - not to mention she's very pretty.
There was almost a mosh pit during their set. A few of the kids at the front of the stage area were pogoing and they just started to bounce into each other as they did. Nothing too intense.

The main act of the evening was Manic Drive. Their set started with a lot of fog...

And a rather ridiculous, but absolutely incredible introduction that made these guys sound like superheroes. It was actually pretty cool.

The last time I saw these guys play, I commented about thier guitarist doing the robot as he played his guitar. He still does...

They came to a break in their set, and were about to play a few softer songs when something strange happened...

Unbeknownst to any of us, the fog machines had set off the fire alarms in the building. Nobody could hear the alarms over the music. And the flashing stobes just kinda blended into the rest of the stage lighting. So they talked a bit as the fog cleared and the alarms could be reset. Then they started to rock on!

These guys also had a lot of fun on stage. In fact, they had a modified leaf-blower with a rather unconventional attachment...

Yeah, it was fun! They even had a point where they all joined in on the percussion. "I got a fever and the only cure is more cowbell."

I am really impressed by Manic Drive's versatility. They put out a lot of music for only being a threesome. And their vocalist seems to fill in the gaps left by missings members.

They pulled out their "toy" again later.

And the vocalist aimed it at their guitarist.

But he never missed a chord.

They wrapped things up and came out for an encore.

It was a fantastic show.

Afterwards, we hung out and talked to the bands. Which we also did between band sets. But after the show was when JT and I got our traditional "obligatory pics" with the bands.

The vocalist for First From Third saw my Ink-n-Fire and immediately said "Dude! I saw that picture today on Myspace. I sent you a message." So we all talked about the branding for a few minutes. It was very cool.
Of course, JT made his connections with these guys. And they were happy to be connected. After all, JT does offer small time bands worldwide exposure with his podcast.
I also talked to them about their involvement with Compassion and asked if they'd be interested in being a part of the special Compassion Episode of JT's podcast whenever we're ready to record it. They said they'd love to be involved. So we have that to look forward to.

I got to talk to the guys from Manic Drive too.

I told them that I was their neighbor at the Moraine St. Park Festival last summer, in the Compassion booth. The guitarist looked at me and asked if my hair was different then. I told him I had the 13" mohawk at the time but had shaved it off in January to donate it to Locks of Love. They thought that was cool - that some poor cancer patient kid now has a cool 13" mohawk...

Anyways, they're gonna be at Uprise Festival (formerly known as Vertical Fest) this year. So I told them I'll be looking forward to seeing them again. I also picked-up one fo their CD's and had them sign it. Very cool.
Ended the night with the ride home. Dropped JT off, came home and hit the sack.

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Loved the vid of the robotic guitar player.
And, OH! That is so scary about the fire alarms going off and no one really noticing... jeepers.

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