Friday, April 10, 2009

Will this surprise anyone?

Got another concert to go to tonight...

It's nothing spectacular. No big names. Only a few bands that are Myspace Friends.
Most of you may remember that back in January, JT and I took a little road-trip to Butler to see our buddies, Alakrity. It just so happens we also got to see a local band named Breakaway. One member of which also works at Philips/Respironics as manager for our Defects Investigation group.
Well, Breakaway - who have changed their name to HillCity Lights - will playing at that same venue this evening - unfortunately this venue has no website of Myspace page that I'm aware of, yet.
But that's not all. There will be two more bands there as well.
The first band, who is a Myspace friend that I haven't seen live yet, is Third From First. They have a Compassion widget on their page, so I feel it's important to both of our ministries that I support them. The whole "support indie music" thing notwithstanding.
The other band is someone I've seen before but haven't managed to add to my friends list yet. They're called Manic Drive. I saw them last year at the Moraine Park Summer Festival (pics available here) when they were pretty much an opening act for Pillar. I liked their music and their performance at the festival, so when I saw that they were playing with Breakaway - ooops, HillCity Lights - and Third From First, I figured it would be well worth the drive to go see them all.

OK, pics will be available later on this weekend.

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