Monday, April 06, 2009

Yes, it was awesome!

I was right! In yesterday's post I mentioned that it was going to be a long, full day, and I was not disappointed.
Started with church - Palm Sunday, you know. Then "The Gang" (myself, JT, Bob and Matt - as usual) headed to Ci Ci's for lunch. From there we headed to Westmorland Mall to hang out until it was time for the concert. When the mall closed at 5:00 we knew it was time to head to the Palace Theater.
There was only one drawback to our whole adventure. Since we like to go as a group, and we like to invite as many people to come with us as possible, we typically give our money to P.Dave so he can buy the tickets and keep us all together. Unfortunately, P.Dave was having a rough weekend that included some things he had to take care of yesterday afternoon. So, while "The Gang" were at the theater shortly after 5:00, P.Dave had our tikets with him in East Pittsburgh. And since he asked what time the doors would open, and the only time we had seen in the flyers/ads was 6:00 that's the time we told him. None of us knew that the show was actually supposed to begin at 6:00. So, P.Dave showed up around 6:20 and announced that he was just too wiped out to stay. Which made me feel really crappy about him having to ride all the way out to Greensburg to give us the tickets and not stay for the show - especially since he really wanted to see these bands.
Anyways, we went inside and found our seats just in time to hear the last two songs of Decypher Down's set.
OK, roll the pictures...

This is the only shot of Decypher Down that looked any good. Except for the ones I have from after the whole show when I got my pics taken with them in the lobby.

Their new lead vocalist.

They were a cool bunch of guys.
Next up was Disciple.
Love these guys! Awesome show. Great music. They played a lot of their new stuff, which was cool since I recently picke-up the CD and have been enjoying it thouroughly.
OK, I'll let the pics talk for themselves, since I don't know the song-list.

The headliner for the tour; Skillet.
For those of you who remember the pics from Creation, you'll remember they had a cellist playing on stage with them. This time they had a cellist and a violinist. If you're familiar with their music, you understand why. If not, check them out in this video before going further.

OK, now come my pics of the evening.

Skillet came out rockin!

They played a few songs with no apparent backdrop until they played Collide. That's when the curtain fell and the backdrop was the cover from their Collide CD.
I really liked this shot of it.

Then just as things were getting even more intense.

The Collide curtain fell and Skillet went into Comatose as the Comatose CD cover backdrop was revealed.

They played most of the songs from Comatose and Collide, and also threw in a few new songs from the CD that they said will be released in August (can't wait!). Even played Angels Fall Down - a fantastic, worshipful song from their Invincible CD.

Here are more pics from the show.

And, the finale!

They came out for an encore and played Best Kept Secret, also from Invincible. One incredible show! I still insist that Skillet is the best live band I've ever seen. And last nights show only re-enforces that for me.

Something else that was really great about the whole night was the way the bands shared about their faith in Christ. I like the fact that after several years of so many hard-rock bands keeping their Christianity low-key, more bands are opening up about their convictions. It doesn't always come across so plainly in their songs, but they do talk about it at their shows now. Which is the way it used to be when Christian rock was still being frowned upon by so many mainstream evangelicals. A lot more Christian bands, the ones who are seeing mainstream success, are much more open about their faith these days than they used to be. And I think that's a good thing.

Afterwards, we all needed food and drink. So, we stopped at Sheetz (like we did the last time the 4 of us went to a concert) and filled up before heading home. Once home I took the time to load the pics onto my computer, but decided to wait until morning to post them

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Blogger Jeff A said...

Oh man, I wish I could have been there. I love Disciple and Skillet so that would have been awesome. Glad you had a good time and thanks for the pics.

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