Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm impressed

I'm going to start this by letting everyone know that this was supposed to be a video blog post. Unfortunately, every last one of my neighbors has decided to mow their lawns. Now. In some bazaar, syncronized pattern that leaves me no more than a few second of normal background noise in which to record. And then there are the guys from the other side of the neighborhood who love to ride their quads all around the field behind the woods that are across the street from my house. So, I've given up on it for today's post.
OK, last night went really well. JT and I started out with dinner at the City Buffet (chinese buffet) next to Hooters. Wonderfully delicious as always. Made a quick stop for batteries for our cameras and we were on our way to Butler.
For some odd reason our ride took a bit longer than normal. Parking was difficult to find, but we managed to get a space about a block and a half away. and as a result of of it all we got to The Net a little bit late. In fact, we missed the very first band that played. A few high school kids that just got together back in October, calling themselves Becoming Less.
We did, however, arrive with plenty of time to talk to the guys from Third From First before they went on. They were pretty glad to see us. I guess it's cool to know that you've got at least a small, loyal fan base. And that would be us...
The guys put on another good show.

They seem to be improving with each concert. Which is a good thing.

And it's always good to see that they're having as much fun on stage as their audience seesm to be.
I'd really like to see these guys play one of the smaller festivals next summer. Uprise Festival comes to mind since that one actually began as a way of getting smaller, lesser known, local bands some exposure. I may have to talk to these guys about it - and I do have a connection to the people at Uprise, as well. So maybe something can be arranged for next year.

Headliners for the evening were Everlilfe doing an up-close and personal acoustic set.

From left to right Everlife is Sarah, Julia, and Amber.
I don't know how to say this without it sounding strange, but I was just as impressed by them as I expected to be!
What I mean to say is this; I have seen them live before. The band I used to play in opened for them once or twice. But I may have given a less than shining description of them in my previous post. Not because I have any reason not to like them or their music. It's just not a style that I get particularly excited about. After all, their style has been somewhat geared towards "tweenage" girls for about 6 years - as long as they've been under contract to Disney. And I have never been, nor ever expect to be, a "tweenage" girl...
But I always approach music with an open mind, so I came to this show in the expectation that it would be a good show. And it was everything I expected it to be, and even better since it was an acoustic set.
These girls really know how to put on a show. Each of them is an incredibly talented musician - self-taught, no less. Their vocals are amazing. And they banter back-and-forth in a way that kinda draws you into their antics.

They even did a brief acapella piece.

I won't say that it sounded angelic, but as Hallelujahs go, theirs was phenomenal.

After they finished their set they came out to talk to everyone and to autograph items for their fans, and to get their pictures taken with them too. Needless to say, I got my picture taken with them.

You'll notice I didn't have my shoulder showing in this one. I just felt that my Ink-n-Fire looks too rough, too primal, for a picture with these adorable young ladies. Now, that doesn't mean they didn't get to see my shoulder, they did, and they were impressed by it. They had a few questions to ask about it and I enjoyed talking to them for a few minutes. It was cool.
Now, take a look at the picture again. Especially Amber, the sister on the left (my right in the photo). Imagine her with red hair, and a "tricked out name tag" and doesn't she look kinda like Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials?
Yeah, once I said that everybody else noticed it, even her sisters. And Amber was cool with it since she likes Flo's bubbly charm and quirky sense of humor.

We lingered for awhile and JT made all of his connections. I got to talk to a couple of guys who were there that just seemed to need some encouragement in their faith. So I was truly blessed to be able to offer that to them. It was a great conversation that I hope to expand upon with them again someday. I figure, as long as they show up for some of the concerts there, and JT and I will still show up for some, we're bound to bump into one another again.

Thus ended another evening of enjoyable entertainment and fellowship.

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Blogger Jeff A said...

Sounds like another good time for you. My fun has been tonight, storms have been popping up all over a wreaking havoc here! I love storms.

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