Monday, May 11, 2009

My Re-birthday Celebration

Friday night was rather enjoyable. We started things at Q'doba, on the Southside. It was Me, Bob, his friend Shane, JT, P.Dave, Patrick and P.Roger and his daughter Kristen.
I had the chicken tacos. They were quite tasty. But before too long we had to get moving to the theater to watch Star Trek.
It was a good movie, and you wouldn't have to be a Trekkie to enjoy it. But it did include all of the necessary elements to be a Trek movie. Such as;
* Kirk got into several fights. He got laid by the hot, green chick. And he hit on every female he saw.
* Karl Urban as Dr. "Bones" McCoy was a perfect fit. He had tone and inflection down-pat for the role created by the late Deforest Kelly. He even got to use the famous lines of "He's dead!" and "I'm a doctor, dammit, not a physicist!"
* The actor playing Spock not only looked like a very young Leonard Nimoy, he did the eyebrow thing just right and got to say "Fascinating" at just the right moment.
* Scotty was the "Unintentional Genius" - as always - pulling of his engineering miracles at just the right second.
* Sulu got to swordfight.
* Chekov's accent played hilariously
* Uhuru, strangely, did so much more than just sit at the consol. She may have been the only one who was pretty much out of her typical character. But it was cool.
And, last, but not least...
* The guy in the "red shirt" died. Only, in this movie, it's a red "space-suit".

After the movie we all went to The Cheesecake Factory to just sit and talk and pick-up the conversations we had begun prior to the movie. I had been talking to Patrick about C.S. Lewis' The Abolition of Man, written in 1947, and how it relates to today's politically correct speech. Patrick was fascinated by what I shared.
I also took some time to talk to him about my ministry with Compassion. I've been mentioning it to him for awhile, but tonight I wanted to make a point to really talk to him about. And P.Dave encouraged me to do that too, since Patrick had asked him about tithing not too long ago. I got to share about what Compassion's ministry does, and had a few child packets for him to look over. P.Dave offered some of hs own input as well. Patrick had some good questions for me. And when I was done he asked about how he could check everything out for himself. So I told him to check the website, and even go to Charity Navigator to see what they have to say about us. I'm hoping that he will want to sponsor a child after he's had the chance to check everything out.
Then P.Dave and Patrick had a whipped cream fight across the table. Believe it or not, P.Dave started it. That's them Lutherans for ya...
We wrapped things up shortly afterwards and headed our seperate ways. But it was great getting to hang out with everyone for awhile.

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Sorry, but I'm not a Trek fan so there was a lot of "blah blah" here for me... Plz don't take that personal, I just tend to glaze over sometimes.
I will tell you though, I had some Chicken Tortilla soup the other night that just blew my sock off!

8:14 PM  
Blogger M+ said...

I don't take it personal. Not everybody is into Trek. I get. Just be happy I didn't post this in Klingon...

5:04 PM  

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