Monday, May 11, 2009

Pay no attention to me

I've decided to forego some of the changes I've been hinting about, for the time being...

But I will let everyone in on what they were supposed to be.

Since I've been enjoying posting brief video clips of some of my adventures of late - babysitting CJ and Manic Drive's guitarist - I thought I might try my hand at occasional video blog posts. That was a suggestion made by JT.
The only problem is the lighting in my house. No matter where I try to shoot the video clips of me from, I look like I've been covered with that spray on tanning liquid by a near-sighted, color-blind, hack. That could be because of the weather today - cloudy, rainy and some thunder and lightning here and there. Or it could be the camera. Though I doubt it's the camera since the other vids turned out OK. So I'll try again when the light outside is more cooperative.
I want to do this because it does seem like such a great idea. I figure it would be a much better format for the longer posts that I do so often. Rather than spending hours loading pictures, moving them into their proper order, editing the post and adding links to the whole thing. I can just sit back and tell the story in a few short minutes and add the pics or links to anything important below the video.
Another change I think I will go ahead with very soon is the elimination of my Blogroll. I hate it that everytime I visit someone's page I get those annoying adds at the top, and the link in the address bar is never a direct one. So I think I'll just create my own links to all of the pages I visit regularly and put those in my template instead.
OK, keep reading below to find out how my weekend went.



Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Good luck with that lighting thing. I think video posts are a great idea and it suits your blogging style wonderfully.
You got me wondering... ads when you click on a blog link. Is that maybe a Blogger thing? I don't have that problem on Wordpress.
Ads are annoying wherever you are.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Alpha-1 said...

I can help with the LIghting. Simple lights from hardware store (cheap) will make a huge difference. just remember you need about twice as much light as you think you do.

9:21 PM  
Blogger M+ said...

Thank you. I'm looking forward to doing the more videos soon, because I think they'll just be quicker than typing out the long posts I usually do.
No, the ads are from Blogrolling. Part of their "free use" agreement.

I'll probably just plug a lamp in behind the camera when I decide to roll. Right now the daylight hasn't been too bad, but more light might be better.

4:59 PM  

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