Saturday, May 02, 2009

Red @ Diesel, again

Our planning for this concert wasn't the best we've ever had. But things still worked out. A part of that is my fault since I hadn't mentioned to anyone that I would be at a Compassion event on Thursday night. So, when everyone was trying to get in touch with me about our arrangements, I was otherwise occupied.
Anyways, it wasn't the usual gang this time. My son, Bob decided to go to the Prom, so he wasn't going along. His buddy Matt was going with his girlfriend. P.Dave couldn't make it. But it wasn't just me and JT this time. Jen, from church, decided to join us this time.
The arrangements that needed to be amde all had to do with car-pooling and what time we would me where. JT and Jen did a fine job of making those arrangements without me. Well, for the most part. I had offered to meet Jen somewhere so we wouldn't both have to drive down. So she and I agreed to meet at the church parking lot, since she lives in Greensburg and the church is about halfway to the Southside from there.
It was nice to have that time to talk to Jen during the ride in. Jen is a really cool lady. We've had a lot of interesting conversations and I can't say I've met anyone who doesn't get along with her. She loves a lot of the same music that JT and I do, and she loves the Steelers. The only thing not to like about her; she's a vegetarian...
Since JT works in Carnegie, he was going to take a bus to the Southside. Our plan was to meet JT at The Beehive coffeehouse - about a block and a half from Diesel. But JT opted for Primanti Bros for dinner and then Dee's Cafe for a beer while he waited for us to arrive. Of course, he was kind enough to text Jen to let us know.
We got into the Southside shortly after 6:30 and found JT quickly enough. JT finished his beer and then we went to The Beehive. JT had some kind of tea. I don't know what Jen had but it looked like water with lemon. Me, I don't do coffee or tea, so I had nothing - because I'm not paying $2 for a small Coke.
We left The Beehive at 7:30 and dropped a few of JT's items off in my trunk. Then we made our trek to Diesel. When we got there the shows had already started. We kinda knew that Red wouldn't be playing alone, but we had no idea which other bands were scheduled to be there. So we didn't feel any urgency to seeing them.
The first band to play was Inept. I got their CD for $5, and it's OK. But we didn't see any of their set. So I can't say that I liked them live. Oh, well...
The band that was playing when we came in was Halestorm. Very good! Fronted by a hot chick with awesome pipes and some mean shredding skills. How can ya go wrong?

JT didn't have his camera with him, so I got this pic for him.

Then I got my pic with all of them.

No comments were made about my shoulder. But, I didn't expect anything since they're not a Christian band. And I'm OK with that, they still sounded incredible.

Red was awesome, as usual.

There getting better with every show.

Jen was enjoying the show.

Matt and his girlfriend Brittany were enjoying it.

Also met Brittany's mom. Nice lady.
You've already seen JT enjoying the show - kinda - but here's everybody else enjoying the show.

I love that they have the foggers now.

Excellent addition to an already amazing stage presence.

Things wrapped up around 10:00, at which time the bouncers started moving all the "under 21's" out the doors. The three of us headed back to my car and enjoyed more conversation on the ride back to Jen's vehicle. Dropped JT off at his house and came home.

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Glad that it all worked out and that you enjoyed the show :-)

1:02 AM  
Blogger M+ said...

We always enjoy the shows. We bring the "fun" with us!

2:37 PM  

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