Saturday, May 02, 2009

What about Bob?

Thursday night was a good night.
My Compassion event took place at Derry Area High School, in Derry PA - which is pretty much right, smack-dab in the middle of nowhere. But I found it OK.
I wasn't sure what the event was going to be. All I knew was that Bob Lenz (whom I met at the Creation Festival Tour) was the speaker. But when I got there I found out there was a band named Harlend playing as well.
I arrived a little after 6:00 PM. I didn't have a contact name so I approached the ladies who were at the gym entrance wearing their "What about Bob?" T-shirts. They directed me to my table and told me that John, Bob's tour manager would be around soon to fill me in on what was happening. And he did.
I didn't have a lot of child packets because this wasn't a huge event. But Bob loves Compassion's ministry. So he makes sure to make include us in his engagments.
When he arrived he saw me, and remembered me, and came over to say "hi" right away. We talked for a few minutes before he headed into the gym to check things out. Before he walked away he counted the number of child packets and told me "Ok, if we don't get 'em all sponsored tonight it's your fault.". I said "Why, because I shaved off the "cool mohawk"?". He stopped and looked at me and replied "That's what's different!"
A little while afterwards my help for the evening showed up. Actually, I was their help, but since I arrived before them, it seemed like the event was mine. We introduced ourselves to one another - and I can't remember their names for the life of me - but I found out that the husband also works for Philips/Respironics. He works in one of our other facilities, but we know some of the same people from each other's buildings. So that was cool. And talking about all of it lead us to discuss some of the people that we work with that we know are also believers. It was so cool to connect with someone else that I "work with" in this way.
The band came out first, shortly after 7:00. They played 3 or 4 songs before Bob came out to speak. I didn't get to see much of anything since the gym was so crowded and I wanted to stay close to the table.
I found out from talking to the guys who were volunteering at the Merch tables that Bob had actually spoken at the middle, Jr and Sr high schools earlier in the day. He was permitted to do so as a motivational speaker. But he extended an invitation to the event at the high school so he could share his real message.
There was a good response. Of about 600 - 700 kids, close to 100 of them came forward to give their lives to Christ. Pretty impressive. But I also realize that of that 100 kids there was probably a large number of kids who had given their lives to Jesus before, and they're just kinda making sure this time. I'm also sure that many of these kids weren't really serious about it, or they don't understand what was really going on, so they won't follow up on their commitment. And that's OK, because I'm also sure that at least a few of these kids were serious, and did know what they were doing. And I know the people who were sponsoring this event will be sure to be there for them to help them walk in their decision.
When it was all over, Harlend came out to play a few more songs. they were OK, but I really could've done without the cover of Freebird...
At this point the free pizza was being served. The hallway where everything was located was swamped! We couldn't move more than a few inches without bumping into someone. So we just sat back and watched the mayhem.
Bob had come out intot he hall, then went outside to talk to the kids individually. And the band had set up in a side room to sign autographs and talk to the kids, too. Bob was surrounded by kids that just wanted to hear more and more. It's amazing to see a speaker get that kind of response from teenagers when there's a band around as well. But that's something that Bob is good at. The kids just seem to relate to what he has to share. And he makes a great impact that way.
This went on until close to 10:00. Kids started to leave then. Parents started to show up to take their kids home. And the people who were running the show were all starting to relax a litle.
We ended up with 4 child sponsorships. Can't say I'm disappointed with that. We are talking about a large bunch of middle and Jr high schoolers. Besides, I'm much more satisfied with the number of kids who have begun a restored relationship with God.
Eventually, I got to talk to Bob a little bit about the upcoming festivals. He's excited to be able to do those. But I also talked to him about JT's podcast and how JT has been including audio messages from other speakers - and has gotten a really good response to them. He was interested. So I got some contact info from him, and he convinced me that I have to set-up a Facebook account - since he's only on Facebook. So I'm gonna do that later on tonight.

Great! another page to manage...

I left shortly after 10:30 and realized I was starving. So I stopped at Sheetz for my roast beef pretzel melt, fries and a Coke Zero. Got home a little before midnight, and still made it to work in the morning.

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

LOL I thought this post was going to be about Bob going to the prom.

1:04 AM  
Blogger M+ said...

Deceptive of me, huh?
I haven't heard anything from Bob about the Prom yet. Of course, Aliesha has heard something, but it wasn't a good something. I'll share more as I find out...

2:39 PM  

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