Thursday, June 04, 2009

Catching up

So, last night I made a phone call to an old friend. And when I say "old friend" I mean, I haven't talked to him in over twenty years. But we recently found each other on Facebook and decided that it was time we reconnect.
It's funny, I've had similar reunions with people, and they haven't all felt right. Some have been outright disturbing, others were just not comfortable. But this time it was different. This time, Jon and I jumped right into getting caught up with one another. And it was something I really needed.
I won't bore all of you with the mundane matters of our talk, but I will share a little something. A part of our conversation covered my divorce, and the reasons why I believe it happened the way it did. As our discussion was winding down, Jon asked me if I remembered the last time we saw each other. And I vaguely did. He reminded me that it was about a year or two after I had married my Ex that he and his wife (fiance at the time) had come over to our apartment for a visit. It was a pleasant visit, but he left with a feeling that there was something missing from me. But after our talk, he told me that he could tell that it wasn't missing anymore, and he was glad to hear the me that he remembered from before on the phone.

That meant a lot to me.
Many of you are aware of the struggles I've gone through since Jo first bailed out on me and the kids. But I would like to think that you're more aware of the triumphs that I've shared with all of you. And I'm sure that you're also aware of the amount of spiritual growth I've experienced through these times. So it does my heart good to hear someone else, someone who hasn't been here the entire time, tell me that they can recognize the growth the God has brought into my life. And I thank God for that!

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