Sunday, July 05, 2009

A celebration

So, yesterday was the 4th of July. I hope everybody had a pleasant celebration. And I hope we all expressed some gratitude to God for this nation which allows us to live in liberty (for the most part). And I hope we all remembered all those who purchased that liberty for us with their lives.
As for me, Bob and I went to my brother's to celebrate. Aliesha was supposed to come, but she never made it. And she still hasn't called to explain why. But it's OK, we'll talk soon enough.
Anyways, it was an enjoyable day.
This is my grand-nephew, Conner.

You can see he's being kinda shy around me. And I know I've talked about other holidays at my brother's house where Conner will avoid me at all costs. So yesterday began somewhat the same. He tried to hide behind my niece Jen, but she wasn't standing still for him for very long.
Eventually he found something to occupy him. It used to be his "walker". So he decided to climb in and have some fun.

We were a little concerned that he might be too big for it and possible get himself stuck, but he was OK. It was shortly after this that I decided I was going to press my luck with Conner. I approached him to ask him if he wanted to wrestle with me. He ran at first, but I chased him and tickled him. Once I did he started to laugh. So I chased him some more, and he laughed some more and after that we were finally cool with each other. We played with his stuffed dragon and we played with his legos and now Conner finally knows that I am the COOL uncle!
Got a few pics of my brother's "Man Cave".

Ya gotta love the wall.
But he's got some really great autographed pics. Like this one from last years playoff game with the Chargers.

And this one of the Original Steel Curtain of the 70's Dynasty team.

And God Bless Roberto Clemente!

He truly was The Great One.
It was good to visit with everyone again. We don't get together as often as we probably should. But it's always good when we do.
Chris had a variety of things on the grill, burgers, hot dogs, sausages, keilbasi and chicken. Also had corn on the cob and a broccolli slaw salad that was absolutely incredible.
We joked around and talked about a lot of stuff going on. Watched Conner make a mess of his dinner while quoting A Christmas Story ("How do the piggies eat?"). My brother has decided that it's time for him to start writing down his "Life Rules". These are very simple, one sentence rules that ought to guide every man. At the moment, he just kinda shoots them off to his son, David, with random numbers attached to them. All except for the first 4. They are:
1) Never take sides against the family.
2) Never let anyone outside of the family know what you're thinking.
3) Any man who doesn't spend time with his family, can't be a real man.
4) Chicks dig the long ball.
So now you know why I chose the above Quote.

When we left, Bob and I headed down to Oakland to visit a friend of his, named Andrea, who had a baby on Friday night. We didn't find out until after midnight on Saturday morning. But we thought it would be a good thing to go visit mom, dad (Judah) and baby.
Say hello to Jack Beers...

Isn't that a cool name. It's almost like a character from a comic book or something.
He's a preemie.

But he's really strong for a preemie. He kicked his little foot out at me when I touched him.

And if you notice that thing he's wrapped up in. That is a Bendy Bumper. It's a product we make at Philips/Respironics. In my department, no less. It's used to cradle the preemie, as if he were still in the womb, until his bones and muscles have had time to strengthen themselves.
How cool is that?
We stayed for about an hour and a half. Neither Andrea nor Judah were expecting us, so they were pleasantly surprised when we showed up. Andrea was actually really excited since she was hoping some of their friends would show up. She was glad it was us, especially since we may be taking Judah in for awhile - until they can find a place of their own together.
After our visit I asked Bob if he was in the mood for ice cream. he was hesitant at first, but thought that Baskin-Robbins sounded good.
So this is what I had...

Yeah, it's kinda blurry. It's a double scoop of Rocky Road in a waffle cone...
Headed home and relaxed together. Sat on the front porch and kinda watched the fireworks from Monroeville Mall. What that means is we didn't see much of them, but we heard all of it, and saw glimpses of some of the higher ones and flashes from a lot of them. It was nice.
Called it a night shortly after that.
It was a good day. And I still have tomorrow off...

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

I must be hungry, I clicked on Comment and when the window came up, all I could think of was Rocky Road in a Waffle Cone. lol
You had a full day. I'm so glad you and Conner are finally friends. It sure took him a long time to warm up!
Was that the broccoli slaw salad with raisins in it? Love that stuff.
Please tell me what the "long ball" is.
Little Jack is soooo teeny. I just said a prayer that he grows up big and healthy.
I never knew those things were called Bendy Bumpers. Very cool.
That's great you're giving Judah a place to stay. I would expect no less from you, Mr. Big Heart.

5:04 PM  
Blogger M+ said...

Double scoop, no less.
It was a full day, and it was nice to know that Conner is finally over his shyness of me. In time he will discover that I'm the coolest uncle in the world.
Broccoli slaw with raisins? Oh, good lord, no! This stuff had broken up ramen noodles and I think sunflower kernels.
The "long ball" is a baseball term. It means taking a fast-ball for a long ride into the ourfield - usually for a Home-Run, but a stand-up double is just as acceptable.
Jack is still at the hospital. He doesn't weigh enough to come home yet. But Andrea sees him everyday, and sometimes, Bob and some of their other friends will go for a visit with her.
Something else, the pacifier next to Jacks head is also one of Respironics.
Judah's a good kid who's having some trouble. I just can't see myself not helping out.
Thank you for the compliment.

7:16 AM  

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