Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm not liking this

So, my street has become the detour in and out of Garden City from Old Wm Penn Highway. And while I expected it to create a bit more traffic, I wasn't prepared for what has followed.
You see, recently, PennDOT closed Garden City Drive where it overpasses the Parkway from Old Wm Penn Highway. They've been doing construction on the Parkway for several months and as the project moves further along the road they close whichever bridges or overpasses are in the construction area to do additional work on them as well. And since my street is the first intersection on the other side of the closed bridge, we're getting all of the drivers who would normally just go across the bridge and on their merry way into the rest of Garden City.
Like I said, I expected an increase in traffic, but what I'm seeing is ridiculous.
Backing out of my driveway has become a chore. I never paid attention to the fact that my driveway is in a somewhat precarious position on my street until all of this traffic forced me to have to watch more carefully for oncoming vehicles. And they seem to be oncoming more often that I thought they would.
And then there's the problem of dropping Bob off at his friends a few blocks away - deeper into the heart of Garden City. Now I have to sit in traffic to get onto Garden City Drive and then again to get back onto my own street.
And whenever I wish to leave my own little section of Garden City, I find myself in a line of traffic waiting to leave, and another one entering from the end of my street. So now I have to adapt all of my travel times to include the extra waiting.

I guess it could be worse. But then again, I may get a little target practice with all of the maniacs who come barrelling down the hill with no regard for those of us who live here. That, or I could have some fun if I buy a "spike strip"...

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Oooh man, that sucks. They repaved our portion of Rt. 66 this past week, which runs past the intersection below my house. I don't normally travel 66 to work unless I have to use the post office on the way to work but had to one day and spent 12 minutes which I didn't have to spare waiting for some obese PennDot worker to keep putting his shovel down to pull up his pants. Talk about target practice...

12:16 PM  
Blogger M+ said...

I've come pretty close to getting rear-ended twice just today because people come ripping around the bend at the bottom of my hill. "Spike Strips" and target practice are sounding more and more like practical anger management right now.
PennDOT, your tax dollars at work. Yeah, right...
It's not enough they take our money, now they steal our time as well.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Jeff A said...

I vote for the spike strip and please take videos! :)

10:41 AM  

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