Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Even more geeked !!!

Alright, I have to admit, after the early arrival of my Awake CD I thought God was done with the surprises for me for now. But last night I discovered otherwise.

I have a really cool brother. And he just happens to be sharing season tickets to the Steelers with a friend. So he gets two tix to so many games each year. And that includes the pre-season games. Being that he's my really cool brother, and since he's my older brother, he's always watching out for me. So he gave me the tix to this Saturdays game.
OK, that's really cool and all, but that's not the surprise.
Of course, I need someone to go with me. And rather than asking JT, who is no fan of any sport, I asked P.Dave. Now P.Dave, as some of you know, has a cousin (Patrick Bailey) who plays for the Steeelers. So you might think it odd that I ask the guy who could probably get better seats than the ones I have if he'd like to join me. But P.Dave understands why I ask him and not someone else. So he agreed.
That's not the surprise either.
Well, P.Dave called me last night to confirm that he would be going to the game on Saturday with me. But there was more. It seems that Patrick will be receiving his Rookie of the Year award during half-time at this game. And I'll be there to see it.
And that's the surprise.

Not to mention, most of Patrick's family will be coming in from elsewhere, so we'll probably get to spend time with all of them afterwards, too.

Isn't it cool when God does stuff like this?

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Neato. Beato. Keen, Brother :-)

8:58 PM  

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